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Posted by farid from ? ( on Thursday, September 18, 2003 at 12:00PM :

The arbitration hearing on Jackie Bejan's two million dollar lawsuit against Jeff and I takes place in someone's law offices in San Jose in a few weeks. Jeff can join in by telephone...a very sensible convenience. It shouldn't take much to convince any rational person that Jeff had nothing to do with anything Jackie objected to that I did. Her own lawyer addmitted as much in two emails to Jeff where he said Jackie knew he hadn't said or done anything but was just doing this to protect her arse in the future...or some plausible sounding bullshit like that. It's just legal Solkha's doing to Eden Naby in hopes no one will dare tell the truth ever again or take steps to protect our Heritage from these oportunistic infectious agents.
Any heretofore "sensible" Assyrian witnessing Solkha's behavior would want to get as far away from him and Assyriology symposia and Assyria as possible...that's what these assholes have been doing for the last fifty years. Eden didn't run...she went on the offensive instead and that merely by shining a light on the jackasses behavior. Here's a no-brainer for you...which is the greater lose Eden or to lose Solhka...and whom do you think will be missed more at any future symposia? Eden didn't lie...would never dream of such a thing and why would she? If Norman kept to his profession of Slumlord and stayed away from Assyriology conventions where he doesn't belong, where he thinks to buy his way to parity, instead of sneaking in on the backs of professors he rents for the ocassion...why would Eden even bother with the raggedy jerk? In America if you tell an awful and disgusting truth about someone you haven't slandered or defamed them...THEY have. In Mexico it's different, telling the truth is no defense against a slander charge.

What reason did I have to invent the "fiction" that Jackie had the hots for me...for brag about how desirable a hunk I am at my age? Assuage my dingy ego and flatter the soft flesh? Come on...have you SEEN Jackie Bejan??? These people are claiming Defamation and Slander because they can't very well sue for Truth. Everyone who knows the woman knows she'd do something like this...tear anyone to shreds who opposed her (that's why her suing Jeff on such flimsy grounds, to get him to "distance himself", was a godsend, it shows just what kind of shit she's made of) why would I set myself up to be torn to shreds...for the fun of it? Did I want to get myself banned, ruin my monuments, lose sales...wind up broke at Christmas with three young children? She was sure she'd get away with any lecherous president of a company whose underlings are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their jobs. I've seen Jackie's underlings...I don't fit in.

I'm preparing a web page to be hosted in Mexico that will be devoted to Jackie Bejan and set up in such a way that wherever in the world you type in her name...up pops her arse. The internet may just prove to be the poor person's answer to legal harrassment those with money to waste can bring against them. Eden has to get lawyers and go toe to toe with her idiot...every motion his lawyers file has to be answered by her lawyers. This can go on for a few years...and while all Norman has to do is collect rents and not spray for roaches...Eden has a lot more serious, beneficial and important work to do. What Norman is angling for is what Jackie wanted to squeeze out of Jeff...a formal apology...a retraction...a suspended fine...and the understanding that Jeff and Eden and others of course, will NEVER dream of doing such a thing again...while Norman and Jackie remain free to go their shitty ways.

Norman can't win in court and he knows it...Jackie knows she can't win anything either. She already won a judgement through default and I don't see where it did her any good...just rubs salt in her crack. The only one getting any benefit out of this is Shawn, who promised he'd name his new sailboat the "S.S. Parhad". I'll hold off on the new web page until the trial is ordered and takes place. I believe if she loses, or wins...I can use the public record and post it on the internet...if not...I can carry on from Mexico...and then from Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil and Patagonia before I fall off the continent, swim to Asia and continue.

I travelled around making sculpture...travelling around to do this work is no different. There is absoultely no point in working for years to make monuments, sculptures, paintings, write poetry and such...if assholes like Jackie, Golani, Nimrod and and that gaggle of assholes, ZOWAA, can remove your work at will...or the others can destroy you and your reputation with impunity. If there are termites in your wood already...where's the sense in building your dream house with such material, let alone a Nayshun?

There is an infestation in Assyria...and it has to be smoked out and fumigated and stomped on till it's gone. We owe that much to our forbears as well as our children...unless this hoohaa about being Assyrians is all just meant to be glorious sounding which case the sooner exposed the better the quality of air we'll breathe.

-- farid
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