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Posted by Jeff from d14-69-37-23.try.wideopenwest.com ( on Thursday, September 18, 2003 at 11:30PM :

On Floppy Disks:
"I always have it, but it's a matter of where it is, right Dale?"

On the Internet:
"Don't you just love writing out a URL? You gotta just -- you just gotta get everything just right."

On Diversity:
"So we've got a good variety here. This makes for a fun group, I always say."

On Microsoft Powerpoint:
"We are going to work on 4 to 5 of what I call 'slides'."

On Creativity
"I've been asked to work with more groups of people that are 'artistic' as I call it."

On Attendance
"Different people like to come at different times."

"I'm beginning to see that some of the architects, if they are not teaching, they're not here."

On Life
"Every little thing you do in life, you gotta ask yourself: 'What's the best program to use?'"

On Laptops
"If everyone turns their laptops on, you better be the first one. You better be the first one in there."

On Spell Check
"What I call 'spell check' it's gonna be in there."

On the Future
"I think right now. But I think in the future. I think its gonna be more widely available."

On the Control Panel
". . . if you go in the Control Panel in the Blackboard. But you won't be able to go there. So you don't have to worry about it."

On Learning
" . . . Or some sort of organized what I like to call 'learning activity'."

On Email
"Don't you love it when somebody's in their office, and you know they're putting email up, so you hurry up and post them right away."

On Commuting
(Cutting somebody off) "Let me tell you what happened to me today. Listen to this. I'm driving in, it shouldn't be any more than a half hour. It took 50 minutes today."

On Group Size
"If you have a group of sixteen, I'm often saying, why don't you have eight and eight, and let me explain about groups later, so that the groups can communicate with eachother."

On Lurking
"The instructer can lurk and be there for things, but I don't think he would have to be there for everything."

On Typing
"I was never a good typer anyway folks, listen to this, I had to stay after on my lunchtime, folks, I had to stay at lunchtime just to get an A-."

On the Definition of 'Hybrid'
"Hybrid means: I drive to Toronto for four weekends or where ever the students are, then the rest of the time we have class over the internet."

On Lettering
"G-E-N, I have to remember my lettering here. I have to remember my lettering when I'm on the screen."

On . . .
"You know how that means."

On Self
"The best thing about me is that I like to work with people like you."

On Applicablity
"Some things are more applicable to people than others."

On Shoes
"She has a hard foot. A big foot. She's hard to buy for."

On Grandma
"No. I am her mother. That was her grandmother you talked to. I am her mother. Her grandmother is 71 years young. That's who you talked to. I am her MOTHER."

On Lunch
(Inhales deeply)"Mmmm . . . That smells delicious. What are you having? I'm going to have mine in just a few minutes."

On Changing Everything
"You know what I mean? It's kind of like the changing of everything."

On Hockey
"Hockey has that kind of following: they either really enjoy it, or they don't."

On Summer
"We only have so many weekends for summer."

On Believe It or Not
"I won't believe it or not."

On 'Three' Questions
"What's in it for me? And hence, what is in it for my students? Those are the three questions I like to ask."

On Web Navigation
"If I can't get around in it, I leave. Or I just click the x and say, 'Oh my!'."

On Coffee
"When that coffee falls into your laptop, it's a mess. You have no hope left."

On Chinese Tea
"I like the hot tea that they have. I like the hot tea. I like the hot tea. They have little tea cups. I like the hot tea."

On Integration
"I'm in a highly integrated job here with people."

On Rain
"Oh my god it was raining so hard. I was out there like dropping my daughter off at this camp and it was raining and it was like lightening bolts were being dropped down."

"If you stay under the buildings and the overhangs, you won't get wet as much."

On the Large Number of People Seeing the Pope on His Visit to Toronto
"Do you think they got that many, or just managed it well?"

On Logout Protocol
"Be sure to practice logout protocol when you're done with blackboard."

On Printing
"When you need to use the printer, it's the only time it won't print. Or the copier is jammed forever."

On Feeling Great
"It's hot in this lab and cool in the other one so . . . I'm feeling great!"

On Software
"We'll be creating what I call "Blackboard Software."

On Something That's Real
"Put in something, Theresa, that's real."

On What She Does Best
"Or I'll start blah, blah, blah."

On What Six-Year-Old's Use to Help Them Read
"If she's online and looking up Blue's Clues or whatever six-year-olds use to help them read.

On Seeing is Believing
"You'll see it, and it will exist."

On Magic
"Like magic, you're going to see . . ."

On Kids With Computers
"I think that the professors here really underestimate the kids with the computers . . .They like it"

On Using Tools to Read and Write
"If I had learned to read and write by using all these tools and stuff -- My Goodness!"

On The World We Live In
"In this 'server world' . . ."

On Apologies
"I apologize as things are a little haywire as we speak."

On the Hilarity of Multiple Choice
"I might go ahead and say 'Ha! This is my multiple choice question . . .'"

On Moving Around Campus
"Moving from room to room isn't always easy here."

"I forget that you can go around inside. But I like to go outside a little bit, you know what I mean."

On Running Sessions
"I'm here. Do I have a session to run or do I?"

"I always tell everybody: 'Unless you want to run it! If you want to run it, that's great!'"

On Introductions
"I guess we have three of us here todayHI HOW ARE YOU!" (Said to one of the three, who had been in the room longer than she had. The "Hi how are you part," was twice as loud as the rest of what she said, and it followed "today" without a pause.)

On Being One of Those People
"I'm one of those people and I don't know if anybody else is."

On Bad Luck
"I always say I have three areas of my life where I am unlucky and one of them is printers."

On Printer Problems
"You try to print something and the printers down or the paper's jammed and OH MY!"

On Fire Alarm Drills
"TestTest?" (Man: "It's something downstairs.") "Making Noise?"

On That Fun Age
"It's officially her birthday tomorrow. She's six and we're coming along pretty good. It's great. It's great. You know how it is. You have all those grandchildren. It's a fun age."

On Something Missing
"There's something missing in my life and I don't know, that might be it. (Professor: "You need a social life.") "Oh, I HAVE a social life.

On 'Wrong Answer' Messages on Blackboard
"You can have it say: 'Whoops, go back to my feedback', or 'Whoops, hey, you know.'"

On Sandwich Orientation
"Let me orient you to the roll-ups today."

On Joking
You know who:"Did you bring your laptop today?"
Male Professor: "No"
You know who:"YOU'RE GONE!...I was joking...You're gone...I was joking, get it?...I was joking."
Male Professor: (uneasy laughter)

On Spreading People
"We've got a lot of people spread out a little bit."

-- Jeff
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