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Posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, September 20, 2003 at 11:56PM :

Chaldean History Page

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Written by Kristopher Khoury on 19 Sep 2003 23:36:43:


In you "Chaldean" history page, where are you getting your material from. ( You seem very delusional on the history of the mideast. I recommend either educating yourself on the subject or seeking those who has historical knowledge on that region.

Kris K.
P.S. Please Don't delete my posts.

* Think Outside The Box

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Re: deleting your other post on Chaldeans

[ Chaldeans Discussion Forum ]

Written by Webmaster on 20 Sep 2003 01:42:03:

As an answer to: Chaldean History Page written by Kristopher Khoury on 19 Sep 2003 23:36:43:

Mr. Khoury,

This Chaldean Forum will respect your posts as long as you respect the hospitality and the privilege of posting on it. If you can't respect us as Chaldeans, please, find another place to post your disrespectful messages.

Our ethnicity and nationality is called Chaldean. If you can live with that and grow beyond your Assyrian Box, I'll have no problem of keeping your messages here. If you're here to tell us that we're not Chaldeans but have to follow your arrogant and delusional remarks, your messages will simply be deleted and if you insist on showing disrespect you'll simply be banned from this forum.

What's expected from you on this forum is the basic concept of civilizational behavior, and that is if you can't respect the people for what they're and what they claim to be, don't ask us to respect you and treat you in a civilized way.

Based on your deleted post and remarks towards the Chaldeans, you're uncivilized and disrespectful and must be taught manners one way or another.

One more time you post a message in which you claim that Chaldeans are anything else but members of their own Chaldean nation, you'll be banned. I know it's hard for Assyrian individuals like yourself to think beyond your Assyrian box, but try. I can assure you'll get plenty of fresh air and you'll grow in multiple directions. Try it for a change.

ps: I have kept your post attacking my essay on the history of the Chaldeans intact. Generally, I ignore personal claims of "we Assyrians know the history of the Chaldeans better than they do", especially, when it comes from Assyrianism followers.

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Re: deleting your other post on Chaldeans

[ Chaldeans Discussion Forum ]

Written by Someone who has been deleted numerously on 20 Sep 2003 05:09:56:

As an answer to: Re: deleting your other post on Chaldeans written by Webmaster on 20 Sep 2003 01:42:03:

Why would you delete relevant facts that prove you're not chaldean? I mean actual facts, not what I beleive to be facts. These are documented facts by scholars in Assyriology, the study of our ancient ancestors and our ties with them, along with historians who had first hand experience. You talk of civilized behavior, but what you do when you're deleting messages is not considered civilized behavior. You are leaving out parts of the puzzle and only allowing what you believe to be true. Why don't you let others make up their own mind. You are assuming that all chaldeans don't want to hear the stuff from us on this forum, just because you see other chaldeans complaining about Assyrians calling them "Assyrian" This doesn't mean there aren't other chaldeans interested in the argument. By deleting messages, you are showing to everyone on this forum that you are biased in your opinion. Everyone can see that now. I think you are afraid that the truth will come out and you will not be able to live in your fantasy world anymore. I, for one, have posted many many facts on this forum which you have deleted because you did not disagree with my opinion. How do you expect anybody to respect you or your opinion if you only show others what you want them to see. I would really like to get a response from you if possible. But, I'm sure you are just going to delete this message because you don't have the BALLS to keep it up! Go ahead, but just keep this in mind; you will never silence us. You are trying to change our name into 'chaldean' and we cannot accept that, sir. So, do as you will. But, remember, it will come back to haunt you one way or another.

Someone who has been deleted numerously

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Re: deleting your other post on Chaldeans

[ Chaldeans Discussion Forum ]

Written by Webmaster on 20 Sep 2003 18:31:52:

As an answer to: Re: deleting your other post on Chaldeans written by Someone who has been deleted numerously on 20 Sep 2003 05:09:56:

Please, save me your "haunting" phrases. I am too old for that.

There have been hundreds of posts pro and con on the ideology propagated by Assyrianism and its agenda vis-à-vis the Chaldeans. There were also hundreds of arguments about those "references" and "scholars" on the question of Chaldeans and Assyrians. Actually, this Forum got over saturated on those subjects. It spent too many long months locked in those arguments. NO MORE.

None of Assyrianism's "historical facts" or its long list of "scholars" have ever made any change in the ethnic feelings of the Chaldeans as proven again and again by Chaldean political activists or Chaldean church priests, let alone the absolute majority of Chaldean masses. The reason for that is simple; you can't change one's ethnic feelings by presenting "articles" proving a "different" ethnic belonging of that person. You simply can’t convince an American that since his origin is German or English he should have German and English ethnic feelings. If that is the case with an American who can easily track his origin and admit it, how could you convince a Chaldean with so deep of a heritage and with so many historical facts proving the continuation of his race that he actually is none of the above but something else?

Assyrianism failed miserably once and failed miserably twice and failed miserably thrice and that is since its inception till today in understanding a basic human factor and that is "you can't make me what I don't want to be".

Assyrianism success with few Chaldeans should never have been understood as the needed breakthrough to brainwash a whole people into believing they're not what they claim to be. Actually, setting out such outrageous goal is a reflection of an extremely troubled mind.

Anyway, I have other things to attend to and really have repeated myself too many times that I don’t believe (from long experience) that would make a dent into your “Assyrian box”.

Behave yourself on this forum and you’ll see all your messages kept intact… and oh yes, I am biased towards my Chaldean people when they get attacked. Well, but you see I am a Chaldean myself and this is Chaldeans Forum. Actually, public forums should never be tools in the hands of racists, hate mongers or those who don't respect the feelings of others. They should not be allowed to turn into places where those shadey characters propagate their sick agenda under the pretext of "democracy" and "right to express my opinion".

If you can't respect the ethnic feelings of the Chaldeans, you're not welcome on this Chaldeans Forum. This principle is not subcject to negotiation nor bargaining. Period.


-- Jeff
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