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Posted by Ashtarblelya from ( on Sunday, September 21, 2003 at 1:56AM :

In Reply to: Authentic "Assyria" Recipe posted by farid from ? ( on Saturday, September 20, 2003 at 12:56PM :

Funny...very funny. :)

: Take:

: Some onions
: salt
: sugar
: Bushels of Bombast
: Lean Yellow Chickens
: Pudgy Knees of Porkers
: One Rump Roast (large)
: Several Meatheads
: Whipping cream
: Vaseline

: Proceed To:

: Force Yellow Chickens through forum. Lock Meatheads in pressure cooker till tender. Roll Knees Of Porkers in salt and sugar and fold in Bushels of Bombast...stuff into Rump (large), slather with Vaseline. Garnish with onions and turn slowly on spit over fire made of Smoldering Resentments til squishy soft and runs together. Serve with generous dollops of Whipping Cream.

: Serves: thousands...satisfies nobody.

: Caloric Content: 0

: Vitamins Minerals: 0

: Fat Content: Saturated

: Nutritionist's Recommend: Chaldean Diet Instead

-- Ashtarblelya
-- signature .

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