On Being A Baathey Traitor, Sell-Out,, Spy...

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Posted by farid from ? ( on Sunday, September 21, 2003 at 2:48PM :

...and Paid Agent...

Well...what ELSE can they say? I mean these Christians of ours who hope to pray, beg and then crawl their way into an Assyria?

Consider...they've chased away every medium to middlingly capable Assyrian by "exposing" his or her wicked past...the evil ways of their spouses and children(Aprim was going to tell "the truth" about what I do with mine if I didn't leave him alone...he ran to Syria instead) and whatever else it takes, including bogus lawsuits...which has left them in sole possession of a name they've made odious when it isn't cause for mirth.

And here comes yoors trooli...not a Christian in any sense of the word...and not much of a Jew or Muslim either...and I don't write "poetry"...could care less for the good opinion or "fellowship" of these skunks...and then I go out and raise close to a half-million bucks from Assyrians no less...with which I create the first Assyrian public monument anywhere in 2500 years and would have made two more if they hadn't come to their collective senses and realized Assyria was dangerously close to getting off of its fucking knees where these Christians have driven it...much farther and far better than any Muslim EVER did.

So how are they going to attack and neutralize me? First they slam the work...that goes without saying and is fairly easy to do, regardless of its inherent quality which, judging by the heaps of praise they smother people like Hanna "The Najjar" Hajjar with, they have no idea of in the first place. That isn't quite enough, doesn't satisfy, because they know their knowledge or opinion is worth shit...especially stacked next to art councils of San Francisco, Chicago and yes...EVEN Detroit...not to mention paying customers, to the tune of several thousand dollars per piece, when Peter the BooHoo can't GIVE his shit away to. So what's to be done? They've already played the "Baathey" and lapdog-of-Saddam card...they've called me a Muslim, which hardly insults anyone...especially coming from a Christian...they throw "Arab" at me for good measure which is even more of a compliment as far as I'm concerned...I mean who else had the good sense to adopt Assyrian architecture, art and culture about the same time we were throwing it overboard for Zachariah, Zephanaia, Jehosophat and their washtub band.

Along the way of course they've shut me out of their nurseries so I don't get the precious dears crapping in their Diasporas...and whenever my name comes up anywhere I'm that Psychosis Person who must be crazy because look at how he FAILED.

Had to stop for laughing.

-- farid
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