Faith, Hope And Your Arse

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Posted by farid from ? ( on Sunday, September 21, 2003 at 2:49PM :

Faith, Hope And Your Arse

Reading that sappy poem I hauled over and recalling an even sappier one Bethshlimoon wrote addressing his "grandfather" Ashurbanipal...I'm wondering where the sensible Assyrians went to, besides out screaming in the night. The number of times "faith" and "hope" are cited as things for Assyrians to do and have a lot of in order to be handed their "dearest dreams", as if these were actions enough in and of themselves...not to mention that both poems stress maleness and what "heroes" deserve...the kind who "talk a lot"...while completely leaving out women...except maybe as weepy victims these heroes should avenge...leads me to believe that both these guys are examples of the handiwork of an idiot priest somewhere in their early years.

What else can a priest give you BUT faith and hope? If you saw what he was really doing to you you'd he gets you overlooking the woful mess you're in...and gives you the idiotic "faith" in a Jew heaven and the silly "hope" of a Hebrew telling you it takes gobs of FAITH and HOPE to make an otherwise miserable existence bearable and who knows, maybe it'll all turn out true in the end and if it doesn't you'll be too dead to know it, so what's the priest got to lose? Of course you don't gain anything in the end anyway...except living your otherwise degraded life on the whipped cream and frothy mousse of "faith and hope", which is probably the best that such morons can expect anyway.

I think these guys are content to have faith IN Hope..and hope IN ends in themselves. They have faith that HOPE will get them something tangible and they hope like hell their FAITH pays off...and the time and energy spent running beatifically in circles, never mind getting anywhere, convinces them they've "DONE" something...well, they're sweating AREN'T they???

I've got "faith" and "hope" that I'll manage to go on and sell sculpture again someday, but only if I make the stuff first and make it I had "faith and hope" that if I did a good enough job the Shumirum would get accepted by Chicago...never thought I'd have to have "faith and hope" the Assyrians there wouldn't try to sink it. It's fine to have faith in hope if you do something yourself about what you're hoping and having faith in...something more than write god-awful poetry..thinking to get away with it because you weep over Nineveh...or blabber on about your grandfather. What do these guys DO to bring about the realization of these dreams and put those unused organs to work Aprim undoubtedly would if he'd just pull his out of our heads and find its proper use.

These chumps placed all their faith and hope in the United States killing enough Iraqis to clear a little land for "Assyria"...and handing it to them as a token of their vast desserts...but really for playing the part of cheerleader in this murderous and illegal murderous and illegal as Simele only ten thousand times worse. Their grandparents had the same faith and hope the British would do the right thing by them as well..and as sure as Aprim is an hysteric, their grandchildren will have faith and hope in the next Christian army that promises to reward them, "as they deserve"...never once pausing to think that they've been getting exactly what they deserve all along for their treachery and collaboration, which is all the "Assyrian" their neighbors and fellow countrymen and women ever know of them. These guys are Christians who use the name "Assyrian" to mask the truth of what they're doing...using "Ashurbanipal" as a thin veneer of supposed legitimacy over what is a ridiculous Christian claim to "their" land. And they expect the Muslims there to overlook this? Hell, I see it plain as day! But then I'm Assyrian and we were nobody's fool...not Yahwe's and certainly not Ashcroft's.

Instead of spending hours working at sculpture I should take a lesson from Bethshlimoon and this other budding poet...write a letter to the gallery of my choice, in New York preferably, reminding the owner how great Assyrian sculptors were 3000 years ago...and mentioning, humbly, that I am directly descended from those same sculptors...but that certain Muslims (and Christian Arabs) have thwarted and frustrated my career plans...and so I'd like it and also DEMAND the gallery owner show some sense...finally do the right thing and take my sculpture, just as soon as I make some, and would he or she send some cash as a token of good faith and as a down-payment on future sales that are sure to follow? And of course I'd bring up Simele and 1456...1324...1765...1931, to clinch the deal...but never EVER mention 2003.

-- farid
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