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Posted by farid from ? ( on Tuesday, September 23, 2003 at 12:30PM :

In Reply to: Kaka Azhi posted by The Assyrian Volcano from ( on Monday, September 22, 2003 at 9:37PM :

: Kaka Azhi:

: Once again you proved to be stupid ispite of you were thinking to show how smart you are, unfortunately you ruin all your chances

+++Azhi, again let me apologize for this fellow...he hasn't much breeding as you can see. I'm sure you'll understand that it's of invaluable help to you as well to Assyrians everywhere to allow these people full scope and room to display their "patriotism"...or whatever it is that's showing.

: Here, I am not going to waste my VALUABLE time in responding to people like you who don't have integrity to accept other people ideas and viewpoints and especially when you see that you were swiming in a SWAMP which stinks.

+++These guys have one or two tactics...learned at Saddam University or some Eastern-Bloc school. They waste a lot of time telling you their time is very VALUABLE...when they could just get to the point and take whatever comes their way.

: So I will ignor most portion of your message except the " PS " in the bottom and here we go ...

: PS, the people here have invited me, once they ask me to leave I will honor their wishes.

: If I respond to your LIES doesn't mean you should leave as long as they invite you, because I am as any person gives his own ideas and viewpoints and as they invite you they extended their INVITATION to me before you.

+++You are all welcome...though some of you don't soil the carpet as you leave. Azhi is "welcome" here because this is a F O R U M...not because the host or beastmaster likes him or his ideas...any more than my own detestation of your sort of Assyrianismdoodles would lead me to ban you. There is no invitation sent to open a true takes what you gets. And you should note that we don't have to even ban or bother with we don't see any of you people know your know what you can't handle and you wisely stay in that nursery of yours.

: PPS, this will be my first and last reply to you and those in AINA ....

: I am not that eager anyway to hear your stupid "qerds" propoganda , you will do good job if you keep your mouth SHUT as possible.

+++Hey...jackass, you really think you just convinced him? If anything you shot yourself in the your kind of Assrin always does.

: PPPS, If I recall my high school geology lessons back when when I was young, there are no volcanoes in Mesopotamia....


: I advise you not to do that, because even now after years of learning you exhibited your ignorance and if you go back will be worst.
: But KAKA there is a VOLCANO in Mesopotamia -North- about less than 90 miles west of SINGAR mountain and near Hassake city. So you see that you better polish yor mind and prepare yourselve before you give a stupid answer like this one.

+++A volcano is merely an opening in the earth from which distempered and foul gasses issue forth. You wanna be a one.

: Ashur Beth-Shlimon/
: ________________________

-- farid
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