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Posted by farid from ? ( on Tuesday, September 23, 2003 at 2:03PM :

In preparing my defensedoodles I came across this again...it's sections of emails sent by Shawn "Big Daddy" Leuthold to Jeff, trying to scare him and reassure him at the same time. On the one hand he and Jackie like Jeff and wouldn't dream of doing him any harm...and they admit they know full well he didn't do anything to that slut...but at the same time he sweetly hints that if Jeff doesn't do the right thing...by Jackie...he'll just have to follow through and harrass him some more as punishment...remember he already addmitted Jeff hasn't done anything. They just need to polish Jackie's arse a little cause I've bruised it, so the sight of Jeff recanting in public or some such tripe...is what the little bitch is after. It's called legal harrassment.

From Shawn...with love:

> First, let me say that Jackie, and I as her attorney, bear no personal
> animosity toward you. Jackie is not interested in suing you for
> millions of dollars. Nor does she wish to harm you or your reputation
> in any way.
> You now face a choice. You can distance yourself from Fred and leave
> him to fight his own battles and clean up the mess he has created. Or
> you can continue to help Fred, having had it pointed out to you that,
> 1) Fred's speech is defamatory and 2) Ms. Bejan and I will pursue
> through all legal channels anyone who publicly libels or slanders her
> or helps anyone else libel or slander her.
> However, that aside, the real reason you are sued is not to try to
> collect damages from you. 
> I know that you have rarely posted anything which can be seen as an
> attack on Ms. Bejan. Frankly, that's why were talking and she and I
> would like to work things out with you.
> You do need to choose a side and the side you choose may well dictate
> much of your future path. You can continue to talk to me and Ms. Bejan
> about what she needs in terms of your promise to no longer be a party
> to Fred's personal attacks online. This path minimizes the need for
> attorneys and conflict in the short term. 
> Again, because you have not sniped at Jackie, and because your help to
> Fred has only been technical, I think we can work things out in a
> positive manner without jurisdictional fights and courtroom battles
> I am aware you are a student with limited resources and I
> sincerely hope we can reach resolution before you have to incur further
> fees and costs. Please think about everything I have written. Then you
> must pick a side.
> Can I or a court "make" you walk away? Maybe. I think, however, that
> it's much more likely that you will come to the decision on your own.
> And when you do, we work out a few basic groundrules about the future
> that your part of the lawsuit is over. That easy.

+++A hood on the street corner couldn't have put it better.

-- farid
-- signature .

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