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Posted by farid from ? ( on Wednesday, September 24, 2003 at 12:11PM :

In Reply to: Re:BE REASONABLE ... posted by The Assyrian Volcano from 119.chicago-16rh15rt.il.dial-access.att.net ( on Wednesday, September 24, 2003 at 1:10AM :

: Dear Jeff:

: Shlame ....

: As an Assyrian I respect your idea even though I don't agree with it.

: As far as I know, you and Tiglath are YOUNG PRUDENT AMBITION PEOPLE which make me proud, but you should know you are addressing a person who have his sons as your age and has experience more than you.

: Breifly, you gave an example of a house which I own here and an American Indian try to claim it.
: My answer will be as follow:
: >The house which I have I PAID FOR IT and I didn't take it by force, I will go to the person who sold it to me and get my money because that person sold it to me illigally.

****That`s absurd, like everything else you say. As a practical matter the land was stoeln several years ago and you can`t find the person.

: > Your purpose from this situation is you are comparing us with the Q...DS, Jeff Akhone mokheba u'saora, the QERDS didn't buy our homes and lands they took it by force after killing and sloughtering our people, which statred over 1000 years ago and still continues

***If it started that far back how is anyone going to find who`s responsible? Besides which the >Kurds of today aren`t responsible for that and we don`t visit the sins of the fathers on the children...we aren`t Jews after all. Besides which you have no proof except what Aprim flushes out of his head that Kurds stole anything from us or killed any of us...no more than the Kurds can present countless dead among them who paid a price in warfare...and what was this attempt of yours to incite the West to attack Iraq but warfare...and buddy...all`s fair in love and war.

, and don't let person from no where to fool you. You see he stirred the problem and now I bit you he is relaxing on his chair loughing.

****You bit no one you toothless ape. You make a fool of yourself constantly and being one don`t have the sense to know it. Kurds are descendants of the ancient people of Iraq as much as we Assyrians are and in many cases they`re as Assyrian as we are. We wouldn`t be the first People to turn on one another and kill our own kin. Grow up...and then go away.

: I advise you both Tiglath and JEFF don't be misled by this person, and I wish I could do what you are labling me, but they are having our land, they push our people and continue to threat our people,

****It is not "your" land...it has never been "your" land and it will never ever be "your" land. It is the land of the people who live there and do the lion`s share of the work. Your crying about injustices imagines or suffered ages ago, to a world where this is the expected norm...and to cry for compensation no less...when there are scads of people with far better claims, is just plain foolishness and the continued cheap attempt of pissant Christians to get even more pity for their miserable showing.

By the way, "this person" has a name even you can spell.

if they are serious they should come and compromize with us and aplogize for their CRIMES without an end, and by apeacing a man which is called AZHI and nobody know who is ,you are attacking me as if I deported and sloughtered all the Qerds, pleas give me a break.

++++They owe you absolutely nothing and it would be degraded as well as unprecedented for them to apologize to you or anyone else. Let`s see the United States and the Christian armies apologize to Iraq and Palestine first...you dweeb.

: In any event , this is the last time I am going to post here for a simple REASON because I feel this FORUM is sorry to say a disgrace for the Assyrian nation.

+++And thank Ashur you feel that way...because coming from you it`s a compliment.

: NOTE: I will be glad to answer your question not on this FORUM , but between me and you , you could E-Mail me to the following:

: a.solomon@worldnet.att.net

: God bless you both and good by !

: Ashur Beth-Shlimon

****Don`t let the door slam on you on the way out.
: ___________________
: : Extremism will get you nowhere. What do you suppose the solution to our situation is? Wholesale murder of non-Assyrians? Forced deportations?

: : It's funny, I'm taking a class on World War I and I have the luxury of reading a few dim-witts that you probably look up to.

: : Houston Stewart Chamberlain, a Brit, tries to tell us that the Teutons have superior blood and must not mix with inferiors... imagine that...a Nazi before World War I, and he was born in England? So this guy was a racist through and through, but even HE didn't suggest what you are suggesting... he didn't advocate murder and destruction.

: : Cecil Rhodes, another Brit, wrote about the superior Anglo-Saxon race and how a secret society should be formed whose DUTY it is to take over as much land as possible, especially in Africa... he took one step ahead of Chamberlain because not only was he a racist, but he used that racism to justify taking over other people's lands. This is more your style.

: : Can you imagine the hell on earth we would be experiencing if you had your way? People would be murdered left and right... expelled from their homes and left to die. I don't know what country you live in, but if you live in America, I pose you this question: How would you like it if a group of Native Americans who have a treaty that states that they rightfully own the land that your house is on decide they want it back? Not only do they want it back, but instead of suing you and getting back their land, which your house is on, through the courts, they decide instead to kill you and your family and just take your house...or better yet, to torture you and simply kick you out?

: : Please, ASHUR, tell me what your solution is to our collective problem. What are you advocating? Be specific.

-- farid
-- signature .

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