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Posted by farid from ? ( on Wednesday, September 24, 2003 at 12:23PM :

How absurd these claims sound by the minute: Bethshlimoon is descended from the ancient Assyrians, the grandson of Ashurbanipal to be exact...Bet BooHoo is descended from Sargon the Great and DIRECTLY too...Fred Aprim is another Tiglath-Pilessar. Who did we think we were kidding? No wonder no one gives us the time of day and the best we can do is cheer on the murder and destruction of BetNahrain and its people....from the safety of these Christian kennels we inhabit. If they won't give it to us...fuck the "dear" homeland.

Which does more damage, the waters of a dam over ancient ruins or the ruination of an entire sovereign nation's infrastructure and the deliberate murder and degradation of its innocent children. Yet that's what these Assrin Patrots want for BetNahrain...destroy it unless I get it and you have to GIVE it to me. They cared nothing for those "dear" ruins either, only to add to them...as they cared no more for the people, who are as much the descendents of the ancient Assyrians, variations of Judaism notwithstanding, as these Christian dogs are.

And once you know them you can't blame them...take away their claims to gratness and what's left? If you ignore Bethshlimoon's supposed family tree what's left but the hairy ape that lives there? Hatred fuels these people...not love of country or history or culture...and the hatred spills over the minute you talk about accepting even a simple reality such as the MidEast is Muslim and no one there, or anywhere else, has ever or will ever give something "back" to anyone...especially not on the flimsy "proof" these guys provide. Does one of them even approximate anything you'd care to associate with Assyrians? As long as we're being simplistic about it let's go all the way. Just when did Assyrians piss and moan...when did they run crying to someone else...when did they write such horrible tripe or be so bereft of Culture and Achievement...and be so damn pleased with themselves for it?

They speak Aramaic...big deal. Let them go claim Aram. They neither speak Assyrian nor follow the Assyrian religion and worse they've shucked every vestige of anything that could remotely be considered Assyrian in favor of Christianity/Judaism and the West. You can't claim anything anywhere with that kind of "evidence", the kind that says, "We are Assyrians because we know we are". What they are are Christians of the MidEast, so racist to the bone that they dread being thought of as "Arabs"...a name they've stuck to every Muslim there like it was somehow derogatory only to wake up one morning to find the world has obliged them by calling them Christian Arabs. The Aprims and BooHoos, as most people devoid of any good reason to, seek to distinguish themselves with a noble-sounding claim, be it ever so preposterous, above their "Arab" neighbors and fellows by claiming descent from a People they no more resemble than I do.

And the proof of that is how little they do by way of promoting and preserving this supposed heritage of theirs. You can see the hatred and envy that really fuels them when, instead of doing anything "Assyrian" in the countries they run to...they try to rouse hatred and anger among their new neighbors for the countries and the people they left behind, while straining to get pity for what they suffered as Christians. They've done nothing but berate Saddam and every Muslim leader for not doing things for "them"...as Assyrians...when they themselves have done precious little except piss and moan untill you'd think those were the characteristics par excellence of the Assyrians. And every time their paltry accomplishments as Assyrians become even too obvious for them to bear, one of them writes a "poem" to his grandfather Ashurbanipal...and another writes an "ode" to his mother, Nineveh. And the chorus praise them for their stout Assyrianism... Perseverance, FaithandHope...Courage, Manliness, Warriorship...dedication to the "Dream" etc. And while the adulation and kadi are being passed around they get out their vile "historical" proofs once again and get down to what they're really all about...smearing and slandering and insulting the people who remained...who had nowhere to run to and didn't want to...people who didn't want to be Westernized through their Christianity, or go for better jobs and that "Enviable Lifestyle" that depends on the murder and robbery of so many people of color, but chose to stay and see it through to the bitter end.

Naturally BooHoo, Bethshlimoon and the rest are going to hate these people. Not because they "stole" what belonged to them...but because they stayed and FOUGHT and WORKED for what they claimed was theirs...and every nation in the world, since recorded history began, recognizes that sort of claim...and has nothing but contempt for ours...and we feed on contempt like it was caviar.

-- farid
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