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Posted by farid from ( on Wednesday, September 24, 2003 at 9:08PM :

As we can see that Kurd has fought and killed well as "killed thousands of Assyrians for thousands of years"...and as we see Christian kills Christian, American kills American, African African and that, not to fall behind, Assyrian wants to kill Kurd...we can assume that people kill people and let it go at that...and since no one has ever seriously apologized for killing anyone or returned "stolen" land...let's cut out this crap that says something unusual happened to those Assyrians killed by anyone else...including their own. This is too stupid of a "point" to be presented seriously any longer.

There I am, a Christian Assyrian, living in Iraq, or Iran, Syria or Turkey and some Muslims come to me and say unless I forswear Jesus and follow Muhammad they're going to rape my wife then kill her and all my children and me too...and burn down my farm and kill all my animals. I look at my dear children and their darling mother...I think of all the Muslims living in peace around me with their families and farms intact...I think of my obligations as a father, husband and human bean...think of my responsibility towards my insure their daily health and well-being and my life-long efforts to leave something for each child so he and she can have a start in life when the time comes...I ponder all this...and decide what?

If I've been completely and thoroughally fucked over by the village priest...who doesn't have a wife or children...just takes it where he can get it...I'll probably want us all killed "For Jesus". Like what kind of a God would demand such a thing? Probably the kind who has the sort of followers who would throw out a daughter for being kidnapped and raped by a Muslim, or even for marrying one...that kind of a God. My sole thought would be..."if I deny Jesus...I lose the chance to live on a cloud forever when I die...and if I deny Jesus so that my wife and children can live out their natural lives...I deny them the same chance to dwell on clouds". I could of course ask where this fucking God is when you need him...he sure knows how to find YOU whenever he needs another coat of paint for "his" house.

If I have any sense at all I could weigh the promise of a life on be bought by the instant degradation and murder of my darlings...a promise given us by a passle of out of work fishermen 2000 years ago...and when has a guy who fishes EVER lied. Or I could opt for another version of that same Judaism that spawned all this bloodshed and spare my family and go on with life taking my chances on what happens afterwards. After all, devout Muslims get to go live on clouds what the hell, I get a good life on earth for me and my family and get to live forever in a Muslim Paradise...that's so awful I have to consign my babes to the kinife? Where is my obligation the village priest and those long dead and damned fishermen...or the children I brought into the world on the promise that I would do my best by them? What's best...a certain life here on earth...or a quick trip to a cloud that doesn't exist?

For me it's a no-brainer...but then I'm Assyrian and if I'd been asked to give up being Assyrian to save my children...I'd still do it. And if I was asked to give it up to spare a Kurd's children...I'd do it just as quickly. Cause if you really want to be sensible about this and "logiciqueel" too, in order to save this planet of'll all come to the startling realization that we're all of us Human Beans first, with what should be a wealth of variety of cultures to spice up all our lives with, rather than cause for murder and mayhem...or we should be...and that all this willingness to kill each other over trifles just shows how far we have to go to even get to that point...just barely human...never mind who your fucking grandfather was.

-- farid
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