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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, May 13, 2002 at 7:43PM :

I'm going to e-mail the host people and ask for specific guidelines. The trashy part of it was over anyway...we move now to litigation. As I said...all I want is the chance to have these people tell their story in front of a jury...that's all. I'll handle it there as best I can.

It's funny you know...we are so used to offering up our children's throats to this or that butcher in the name of Christ and other Jews...that we actually don't know how to protect them anymore.

What do you suppose would happen to an Assyrian kid who said a priest or the big one himself had been diddling him? There would be shocked and horrified cries of outrage...why? Because a kid might be telling an awful truth?...or because we don't want to believe such things exist?

You will soon see how the presidentdoodles addressed letters to Jeff Atto...what terms of endearment she used, what promises of friendship and oodles of awe at his promise as a fine young man. This is the same fella she sues for two million dollars...for what? Just what did Jeff do? There is no evidence at all that he made my site possible or "helped" put the posts up. And that is well known...but it doesn't matter. The point is to harrass, to scare enforce conformity with any one of a given party line...disloyalty will be punished.

Let'sfind out just what is allowed...can e-mails be posted up here without the opersons permission who sent them? Can copies of legal documents in the public domain...filed in courtbe posted here so there can be informed and intelligent discussion?

Ifyou call a liar a liar...or a thief a that defamation? Are you innocent till proven guilty,or can any rich person with a lawyer on a leash, sic him on you even though you may be telling the teruth...and no one has proven otherwise yet? I can see blocking you if your claims have been proven false...but just because you make the claim? In Turkey you can't claim there was a genocide...even if you could prove it...but in America you can't make the "claim"? These are good questions to have answered.

There are all sorts of ways around this...if all I really wanted to do was slander and defame someone..but that was hardly my purpose. I wanted to show...and still will, though in other ways...the power of Art and Speech, even scurrilous Speech and offensive Art. If we could understand that, we might come to a better appreciation of all that Art could do for us, and speech as well...if we learned to express ourselves vigorously...even at the risk of upsetting a leeder or ten.

The kid who steps forward is always told..."no one will believe you"....."do you think they will take your word over mine". Andit always long as you stay within the rectory...ahem. But if you get that priest outside...if you get him, or her, to expose themselves in public, for a begin the process of showing people what they might not want to admit happens...but they will soon come to realize will go ON happening unless they take a closer look.

All I want is that closer look. And all of these side bars and costly detours are intended to lessen my ability to stay upright and fight what you will all come to realize eventually...was the good fight.

-- pancho
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