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Posted by panch from ? ( on Tuesday, May 14, 2002 at 9:18AM :

I never knew there were so many ways to get around a thing legally. It seems inevitable that I am going to descend into Hades where you learn these sorts of things. One guy even comes out says you can post any damn thing you please cause they take everything down BEFORE any subpoenas can arrive!!!

I remember back when I worked with juveniles getting into several confrontations with the Director of the Detention facility at the Juvenile Court. I even squared off with him on a three hour radio program in Seattle...with several kids on the lam at our home listening in and cheering on.

This guy's biggest pride and joy was the new jailhouse, that's all it was, they were building for zillions. He used to put hip boots and a hard hat on and wander the site with a big grin on his face. The nimno probably felt he was "serving" kids by making a kindlier, friendlier jail to put them in.

I remember one innovation he was proud of. The old security cells were plain and simple jail cells...iron bars and all, steel cot and everything...used for kids who made "problems". It's where my sweet Michelle Balduff slashed her wrist because her Social Worker was certifiably insane...I'll tell that story sometime.

Anyway, the guards rushed in and hauled the 14 year old girl to the showers where under the guise of an "emergency, they stripped her and fondled her as they pleased while she bled. Yeah...these things happen all the time...they HAVE to cause that's what keeps the rest of you "good" most of the time. Like getting sued for milions unless you "distance yourself from Fred Parhad".

The new security cells were clean and spotless, for a while would remain so. There were no bars, which at least let a little life and variety in...the new cells were completely made of stainless steel...walls and floor, I believe...and ceiling of course. And there was a "security" camera in each one...guess how long the cameras lasted? But the point was to put on the make things better on the surface...same old brutality and probably worse, waiting there for them...and the rest of us if we ever do the things those Revolutionaries risked their lives for back then. It wasn't to make a Corporate Empire where there had been a near feudal one before, that's for sure.

They have even more and "better" laws in a Fascist State. Life is rough in a HAS to be. You have to have the freedom to be in bad taste...and that's why you'll always have people who figure out legal ways to disable the cameras watching us all.

-- panch
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