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Posted by panch from ? ( on Tuesday, May 14, 2002 at 10:16AM :

I think the hoopla attending the fact that some American politicians made a demand or request that the cause of Assyrians for a place in their homeland of Iraq be put forward by the United States OR the United Nations, is another one of those big mistakes we regularly committ in history. This time it is brought on by some people among us who want to come to you all and say, "see what I did". You can pay a politician to do anything, if you pay enough. Where's the accomplishment?

It is another meaningless gesture from people who specialize in them. The chances that we are going to win any friends over there by having the United States government ask ANYTHING are slim at best. What will be accomplished though...and what has occured every time we have appealed to the countries or the religion of the people persecuting that entire region, is that we will be roundly hated some more for our treachery.

It does no good to point out that the people you live among and who hold the power also behaved in ways that were "not nice"...you are in no position to point out their flaws to them as an excuse for your own foul deeds...and sending money to bomb your homelands...the ones you now make demands of through the agency of the Bomardiers...is most foul.

Imagine a Muslim minority in this country asking Saddam to come to their rescue. Would that make them welcome...would it not get them skinned alive?

These leeders, many of them safely over here...are out primarily to hoodwink the injudicious among you...the same ones who will eithetr get killed over there...or be left alive to "never forget" the ones of us they got killed.


-- panch
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