T'will Out...Murder Will Out

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Wednesday, May 15, 2002 at 10:05PM :

Breaking News...Bush was warned months earlier that Osama Bin Laden and his people were planning plane hijackings! We also know there were warnings about Muslim students at flight schools in the US learning to fly passenger airplanes...with no interest in learning how toland them...also that there had been suicide bombings against the US Cole...after it hung its ass out there long enough...as well as American embassies in Africa. And on 9/11 Bush flew from Florida to everyplace BUT Washington DC. And the fools now want to say that all this shows this was a "shocking" lack of Coordination and cooperation between agencies....RIGHT. Give them even MORE money. It was a SUCCESS...not any kind of a failure.

This whole thing was planned...not with our collusion, although even that argument could be made...but from the day this Putz took ofice he bombed Iraq...and sent Sharon on his stroll. They have MADE people into what they now call Terrorists.

Goddaman it...we KNOW now that Johnson lied about the ship being attacked in the Gulf Tonkin, and yet we believe these guys all over again because we don't NOT want to believe...if 55,000 young men and women could be sent to their deaths and hundreds of thousands of innocent Vietnamese killed by Colin Powell...why should it be so hard to believe that a mere three thousand or so wouldn't be worth the price if we could get everyone pulling TOGETHER!

Three trillion dollars in surplus money has gone in one year...into whose pockets did it go? Look back at film footage of that creep standing there, megaphone in hand just like his college days when he wiggled his ass in front of football players as a college CHEERLEEDER, fer chrissakes...and you KNOW what a phony he is..and THEN remember that he has the highest approval ever, higher than the Deity and you know what a nut job HE was.

For this, they will call me "anti-American"...as if to be American means to be willing to be easily fooled..to DEMAND to be hoodwinked...to go along with the murder of your own countrymen and women...and children...as if to be American ever meant to hew to a "party line" as if we are to become a damned Eastern Bloc country...which come to think of it...we are on the verge of becomming.

It will out...murder will out. These guys are too ham fisted and plain greedy to pull anything off forlong...but my god think of the arrogance...the deceit and manipulation, the playing false with people's hopes...think back to the tears in the eyes of all those adorable, tellegenic and SCARED children in America on magazine covers and talk shows...the phoney use of devastated families at football games...the showmanship of the whole sordid mess...and think too of all those lovely dark babies made into monsters and demons so we can orphan them all the easier.

Iraq was a set up...the war was a pre text..we will come in time to relaize that the whole atack against Kuwait was policy...as is all this Terrorist bullshit...fears of another Communist Era Bogeyman to keep us enthralled and unwilling to ask questions because a righteous and stupified and scared as hell citizenry will turn and call us Traitors...and THANK the government for protecting us some more by "fast-tracking" justice!

And THIS time...you dumbcluck patriot Christians.."LOOK AT THE SIZE OF MY CROSS"...this time you silly fools, the "enemy" within is.............. US!!!

-- panch
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