Jeff Atto Did It!!

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Wednesday, May 15, 2002 at 11:00PM :

Okay now you have all received your secret decoder which you found cleverly hidden, the secret code that will enable all you Rangers to decode the cryptic messages defaming everyone and their mother, that I will post.

I want to thank Mr Jeff Atto...a sneaky undercover type who moonlights with the Sisters of Charity..."thought you could fool us Comrade"?

This is a test...and remember whover e-mails me the correct Slander contained in the coded message wins a stained copy of the "Dictionary of American HubbaHubbas".

All set Rangers? Here is your first message...

"The wang dang doodle on the cockadoodle doo was out walking the dawg when lightning struck..the cow jumped over the bush, the spoon ran away with my tush, the pig ate the shoe...and the little girl cried baa baa baa all the way home."

pss: Dear Shawn...Learning foreign languages sometimes just gives you the ability to speak in tongues. I will provide you with half the code...take every other letter and transpose the vowels on every fourth word of alternating sentences beginning with a consonant other than M,N,K,L,,T,R,P,G but NEVER why. Add up all the odd ones...divide by pi...square the results and put them in an envelope in a carved out pumpking on the porch of the house of the mother of Whittaker Chambers.

I'll send round a naked man from New Zealand to pick up the pumpkin. Leave an address inside where we can send your prize...if you win of course. There. I can't give you much more help than that...and you need all you can get.

-- panch
-- signature .

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