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Posted by panch from ? ( on Wednesday, May 15, 2002 at 11:41PM :

I have this feeling it's time to change things around here. I think we're probably going to get shut down cause someone is picking over every word I say looking for a "wrong" one. They do that in Mombasa too.

This site should become dedicated to Art. In fact I want to get my name off of here. I'm afraid...of my shadow. I don't like typing my own name in...gives me the creeps. I'm still the one to sue...but I want to get other artists in here...not just me...and get the letters and documents off of here...too confusing and distracting. I find myself telling prospective buyers..."DON'T read anything for the love god!!! Just look at the pictures!!!"

So..what do you think? Look...I hate to disappoint some snoop watching over our shoulder...but this really is America and the Constitution is still in effect.Lawyers will tell you they can jump down your throat and dance on your liver..they will say anything and everything cause they know they can scare people. I've seen this one...relax. Another one who could never stand upright away from doodles and buttons and bows...nevermind.

I want to set up another place just for messages. There are sites that will provide greater protection and we can ALL be anonymouse...it's okay...you gotta do what you gotta do. Obviously we are on someone's radar, and you can see to what lengths she will go. I'm not at all saying that I want a place where I can be free to break the Law....I just don't like the idea that someone is watching with an eye to keeping employed at $400.00 an hour for watching that I don't"slip up". I think the whole point is to scare the rest of us into conformity...to exercise SOME power because everything else is rapidly slipping away...again, all that remains is what can be bought...and everyone has a price...RIGHT???

So...at a different sort of site we could all be anonymouses together...even if we post in each other's names..or no names...they can never force the companies to divulge any names and no IP numbers appear. Again...I'm not inviting any of us to go cuss the world out anywhere...I just think some protections for us for a change, would be good. I'll look into it. Thank GOD my kid is a whiz at these things...and can't be sued.

I will ask other artists to join if they want to and will try to get help in creating a lovely gallery. I would accept any Assyrian doing Assyrian Art..BUT,it has to meet a standard...I don't want to duplicate what the others do by taking everybody just cause they think we should support EVEYTHING...that's how we got stuck with these leeders from hell. I also want Assyrians who do NON-Assyrian Art..as well as anyone who does Assyrian Art...and of course Chaldean Art...no matter what the Gassbag says, I am part Chaldean, all Chaldean, part Assyrian, all Assyrian and every bit me and you.

It will take a while to do...but I think we should separate the two so those who don't wish to be watched and read and stared at all the time can relax and open up. I still believe that if you let people be free...they will make mistakes...commit errors...but in time they will grow up about as best as you can hope for...given what we're all made of. I want to be free to say anything I want to...without having to worry about defending my right to do so. Aprim once threatened to tell everyone how I raise my children...something he knows nothing of. I didn't sue because I was offended...let him be free to make an ass of himself...hell, I'll help him...so I shot back that he and had been caught once French kissing in the toilet at the Greyhound Bus Depot, and it couldn't be any worse than THAT!...and he was never heard of again to say anything about my children in public...which is fine...let him say what he wants to in private. The Law does not protect your sensitive feelings...no time for it.

Even if you have been found to have slandered someone...the court still wants to know how they were hurt by it. That you couldn't sleep at night...or hated the sight of yourself in the morning...was not the kind of thing a court could help you with.

I once wanted to sue a famous doctor who misdiagnosed my son's cancer...said a lump on his abdomen was an infected sweat gland...not to worry, go home. Later he had to have emergency surgery to remove a rapidly growing lump that could have killed him.

Clearly the dumb cluck had been negligent in his diagnosis...but the excellent and REAL lawyer I spoke with said I could complain to the AMA..but where was the damage? My son lived and is perfectly fine today.

I can make a good case that if I call a person with a big nose, a"Big Nosed Person"...no matter how it hurts their feelings, how much sleep they lose...if their nose really IS big...I haven't done anything legally wrong.

If I call someone a Liar..and can prove in court that the person lied, I haven't slandered anyone..even if they can show they lost business, NOT SLEEP, because I called them by the word that describes an action of theirs. If I can't prove the person lied...and they can prove that they were hurt, in their business and materially...then I might be in trouble....even then you have to showe malicious intent or some income producing thing like that.

If a person is a grump and I can prove it...what did i do wrong? Being honest ain't no crime anywhere I know of...unless it's State secrets and things like that.

If I can prove that a guy acted the part of a "bastard"..as that word is understood by a reasonable person...then where's the crime? If I call Mother Teresa a fascist in sheeps clothing...and I can prove she was a fascist..where's the crime?

maybe I can prove a certain person is exactly what I say. Like in Miracle on 34th Street when the court recognizes the existence of Santa Claus,so the man claiming to be him CAN'T be insane. maybe a court will issue an order or reach a conclusion that said person behaved EXACTLY was one would who is what I know she is?

See...the good folks here aren't interested in playing this game...a few more complaints and they'll just shut it down on principle...money principle. So...let's move on before I get shown the door.

As Coriolanus said to the lawyers of his day..."I banish YOU"!

-- panch
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