Crips, Bloods and Zowaas

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Thursday, May 16, 2002 at 8:47AM :

Dear gang members: In East LA you can get into a lot of trouble for wearing the "wrong color". Wander into the wrong neighborhood...even by mistake...even without being an affiliate of a Federated Gang, and you could wind up dead. At the least any painting you were carrying would be seized. Gangs are like that...they get passionate, even murderous over things non-affiliated non-gang members think nothing of.

I think the Crips are Blue...the Bloods are Red...and Zowaaas are, of course, Purple.

Dear Gang Members of want to move to East Los Angeles. There they will understand and appreciate you best of all. They'll know exactly what you mean when you say..."Get OUT! Purple is OUR color"!!!

That's twice a gang member of yours and the chief of your gang have tried to interfere with me and my try to ruin it. I'll still help your organization because I believe it is never too late to reform...even for gang members. But don't do it again. I will cite these two examples and your Gang, as further proof of the kinds of things we do two by two, that will have to be paid for one by one.

There is a general conspiracy among all you gang members and your affiliated gangs in this country to rule over us with the crudest of all protection racket scams ever. Ever here of RICO? No, not another Gang...a law against racketeering. You all have a racket going...a good one too so long as no one fights back.

I am claiming that for the last two years, certain affiliated gangs and their leadership have conspired to break my knees. I can show incident after incident and there are people almost eager to testify...because we have to get you guys all back in the ghetto where you belong...and not out here in public where you all continue to shame us.

It would have been far better to have unveiled a monument in Chicago or San Jose...instead of our dirty laundry in public. The Church has finally realized how damaging it has been to them, let alone how have kept quiet all these years while their clergy abused the bodies and trust of its children...that the abuse only grows and spreads till you can't contain all the filth and the truth just comes out in the end anyway. If THAT Gang can learn its lesson, you can too.

Mend your ways, if you can. If you can't...go to East'll fit right in.

-- panch
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