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Posted by Gilgamesh from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 9:05AM :

In Reply to: Follow The Money... posted by panch from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 8:29AM :

The only way that Arab Nations, Israel, and West can survive is through Arm Struggle and Shoddy government.

: Always follow the money. Where did our money go to? How come the country is broke again and borrowing money to be "safe"? Greatness through Loans?

: I get the feeling a lot of people suspected something all along but felt so vulnerable to attacks of being unpatriotic..."Go Live In Kabul!!" that they kept quiet...some changed their names to Scott and Ross and Mark. Something is rotten...the idea that dots were on different "pages"...on different "shelves" different "rooms"...hint hint...and that's why they weren't "connected"...when they have no trouble connecting the weirdest damn dots all over the page whenever it suits policy is...well, bullshit.

: This WAS policy..."Hey we're in a war and when you're in a war there are going to be casualties...why should only Iraqi children who never hurt anyone be the only casualties?" If an American president can lie to send 55,000 to their deaths...why can't another "great" president lie to become president and send three thousand Americans to their deaths?

: Americans are as ignorant of history as can be...all history, their own, European, Asian, Muslim. These Right Wing Christian Nuts are using all sorts of lies and distortions to misrepresent Islam...and they have the thrilled and gleeful help of our own lap dog hysterians...and no one cares what this results in for our people back there.

: Khomeni was PUT THERE when the Shah refused to cooperate any further and OPEC became a force in world politics. The Arab Muslim world is being left out of the goodies the Chinese realized were slipping past them too...the Chinese chucked communism and will one day be THE force in the world. The Arabs also want to climb out of the cellar the West decided they need to stay in. The easiest way get them tearing at each other is to put Israel there and keep using it to disrupt the region...turn neighbor against always support the extremists and get the moderates killed off or jailed.

: America supports the usual dictatorships they do everywhere else...Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the rest whose "royal" families keep their people trussed up like sacrificial beasts...spending their money on limos and what not...while all the time the West is marching on to gobble up all it can.

: You NEED enemies! The Israelis need them, the Americans certainly do. A peace dividend that is spent on schools and hospitals presents only a one shot opportunity. You can't very well tear down a hospital and build it back up all over again just so a mega corporation can get another billion dollar shot in the arm.

: Only the Arms Industry can create things no one needs in the first place, then replace them every "cycle" with even more things no one needs. And all they have to do is convince you that you'll have jobs in such an industry and the jobs will be secure because politicians are bought and paid for...that we all close one eye and say yes..."we want to be safe for democracy"!!! And no one admits what is really going on.

: Eisenhower warned Americans to watch out for these scoundrels because they will risk our ultimate security, the quality of our lives, the water, air and trees for the short haul...for the extra "take" any one person running a convention will do...then expect thanks for fleecing us.

-- Gilgamesh
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