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Posted by Gilgamesh from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 11:37AM :

In Reply to: A Dilemna posted by panch from ? ( on Thursday, May 16, 2002 at 12:46PM :

^^^^Who in a right mind would wanted to impersonate you? Shawn, Jackie, william Warda,Fred Aprim, Peter bet-Bassoo, The moderator from hell, Johnny, Tony Khoshaba, Firus Jado, Sargon Aprim, Albert Gabriel, Paul Younan, Raman, Amira-junglist, Kraut , Mar Deeza I mean Mar VI, who else?

: As you might imagine I get some lively e-mail from people who are thrilled to death that these people are finally being exposed...and wouldn't you know it,one or two of them have actually copied down the ENTIRE board. Right up to this post here.

: Now they tell me they "might" just put all of it up on the anonymouse site I want to get. I've asked them not to...that the time for all of that will soon be over and we should move on. Unfortunately one of these people has even more a reason to dislike certain persons than I have, for what they have done...for the same stupid reasons.

: I suppose it isn't entirely my fault if they do. I wont do it...but I'm not about to be kept from openning an anonymouse site because we are being watched and read... because someone may well put all the archives back up there on the internet.

: On that site any person can post in my name,or anyone else's and I can't prove it wasn't me because they don't put up IP numbers...or divulge to anyone...and can't be forced to either...the names of those posting.

: I have to protect myself a little though and I'll ask them about this before signing on.

: Shawn: I learn quickly...if you and Mother Hubbard can set up message kid can too.

-- Gilgamesh
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