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Posted by panch from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 12:12PM :

In Reply to: why Jeff? posted by Lilly from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 10:05AM :

She took a calculated gamble and since she pays through the nose for all of these complaints...her lawyer was there with the kleenex to catch what benefit he could.

Jeff was supposed to cave in I was. Now I know why her lawyer flew down from Seattle to hand me the latest subpenis and lawsuit himself...and why he stood around waiting...for what you ask? Waiting for me to look the thing over and collapse at the sight of "Two Million Dollars" words mean everything by themselves...but especially at the thought that I had now put Jeff in harms I suppose I had put my mother in harm's way. You see, if you cross this woman, you are IN harm's way cause she will see to it you are harmed.

I've seen the letters Shawn has sent to Jeff, cloyingly saying they don't mean him any harm...all but addmitting that they KNOW he isn't "really" involved...and that if he will but "distance himself from Fred Parhad" they'll drop the whole thing.

How else could you let Jeff know that the lawsuit against him is bogus? How would they know if he didn't increase his "help" to me just to get back at her for putting him here? They have no way of proving anything...the letters are full of."we believe" and "we feel that"...believe and feel that your head grows out your arse...believe in the Tooth Fairy...believe any damn thing you please..then go out and PROVE it!!!

Jef was supposed to "turn"on me...just as HUAC used to ask for "names"...for you turn in, and turn on your friends to avoid trouble yourself. It didn't work...though I told Jeff to do what he believed and not think in terms of loyalty. What kind of a friend would ask a person to get harmed out of loyalty?

Jeff's his own man, and that will be evident in court. These cloying letters, and what they say about me and what they reveal about what Jackie has done and plans to do..her "promises" that this or that prospective project of mine "wont work"...will come to light at the right time and if there is anything left of her...these revelations which in her determination to GET people and Shawn's determination to GET as much as he can out of this...will backfire even more in her face.

Nothing...absolutely nothing could have proven my point about what this woman does to those who displease her than this action against Jeff..another man she lavished oodles of doodles and sugery talk on. But..there isn't an Assyrian alive she took closer to her "heart" and bank account than me...and there isn't a one of you who "betrayed" that "friendship"as I her eyes of course. But that's all it takes.

Thank you Jackie...and thanks to Shawn for writing down and transmitting and putting on OUR public record whatever Jackie tells him to. She hasn't learned yet...her money is not only NOT buying her power or is helping her dig herself deeper and deeper into a hole. Any friend of her's would have told her long ago not to go down this path...but you friends of hers are just as guilty...just as culpable as those who didn't stop Nimrod when he stole their all of us have been for just walking away in disgust and leaving these kinds of people to slander and slime and speak in OUR name.

If I go down...I go ripping the mask off of this pathetic farce and making the ground a little cleaner for someone else to plant a seed. One monument is enough for a lifetime when you consider what sorts of monsters we have in disguise.

-- panch
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