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Posted by panch from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 12:55PM :

In Reply to: Re: Open Letter To Atour Golani... posted by Gilgamesh from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 11:24AM :

: ^^^I still dont understand why these Leaders from Hell gave you and other Artists a Contract?

+++It was a Contract ON me...not for me. They couldn't very well come out and say this contract was only to stop ME from selling or speaking freely and answering questions put to me because I might tell the truth...not the Party Line.

++++Alphonse said it was necessary because in the past there had been problems...certain artists claiming things were stolen or lost...that meant Walter Ebrahimzadeh who DID have things stolen by someone in the Federation. How this contract was going to solve any "problem" isn't clear at all yet. What it basically said that was new and weird was that no artist was supposed to make any money we all are rolling in money and have to be kept from getting too greedy. Hell, the surest way to go broke and have your heart broken as well is to sing, write, dance, paint or sculpt for Assyrians...and if we recoup a fraction of what it costs us to produce any decent artwork and pay our expenses to the convention, unlike Gabriella Kraut who had everything paid for her...we are lucky. But as I said, it was only meant to break and punish me.

+++So Jackie got the brilliant idea of making them all sign a contract, without that one sentence that was intended to silence me so they could put out whatever version of the story they did...that sentence was only in my contract...and I want to see what they will do when I ask for a copy of it to be produced.

++++None of the other artists had the contract enforced against them...and they were a bit puzzled when I asked them,before leaving. Issa Benyamin and Hannibal Alkhase both told me they'd signed and the two of them, and all the others had "for sale" signs and prices posted on their artwork the entire run of the convention.

++++It was one form of Jackie's determination to punish me for saying "no" and for not allowing her to hijack the Shumirum, as Nimrod tried to do. It was retaliation pure and simple...and that's why she kept her Club in the dark about it...I am confident that they would not have gone along and she feared a rebellion. Even without seeing the letter from my lawyer before the convention they would have done the right thing.

+++Now Jackie insists on proper procedures and is probaly secretly glad that I can't wait for their answer and have to sue the club because the deadline grows near. She can say I rushed recklessly forward determined just to sue sue sue. When the time was right for her to have followed the procedures she now insists upon...she instead made a snap decision based on her feelings of, when it's too late, she wants to do it the "right way" etc. Everyone who isn't compelled to be "loyal" to her, will see that clearly.

+++Punishment,plain and the suit against Jeff and calling the police on my mother and breaking me financially. This is the person they are loyal one...NO ONE thinks of being loyal to the Heritage...just that part of it they can USE to promote themselves and their friends and their clubs and their regions and their states and their countries with. Since they make no "money" off it, getting that stuff from their real work...they assume I must be even more clever and devious than they are, because I make lots of MONEY and must therefore be tainted and not as "pure" and "loving" of the Heritage as they think they are.

The church showed us the way to divide and be our selves.

-- panch
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