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Posted by panch from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 1:59PM :

...so much is the fear that she will be cut off and isolated when all the muck and yuk is known. If she can keep me isolated instead...cut off from my own people...any new customers, any friends..if she can turn people against me by saying and doing whatever comes into her head...she will "WIN". And winning is what rich folk are all about. They already think they're way ahead of the race cause they have money...winning the race should be a breeze...NO?

It galls them all no end that I have no money...never did...nothing to bribe or buy anyone with...quite the opposite, I make things people WANt to spend money on. That's a kind of acceptance and "affirmation" the others can only wish for...and it makes it too painfully obvious to them that their character and status is allpropped up by money...not anything intrinsic to what or who they are and have to offer. Lincoln told her himself.

That's why Jackie got Rabbi Whacko to call Narsai and why they had people from North Iraq call Jeff and make "hints". She hoped Whacko could convince Narsai to put the squeeze on me because she knows Narsai has been and is my main patron...something he doesn't like to mention..that in the 24 years I've known him the man has spent over $300,000 backing me and allowing me the time to learn to do the very detailed kind of work our art requires. If she could drive a wedge between us...have him say something like Fred...I really can't continue to be associated with you if you keep this up."...it would be a tremendous victory for her.

Narsai isn't for show...he isn't in it for the glory. He's known me from the very beginning and with his friendship and support I can't go wrong...solong as I am true...and he was convinced I was,though he cautions me to take care of myself too.

On the contrary, Whacko's call, at Jackie's instigation, has pushed Narsai to re-consider how the AAS is thought to be alligned with ZOWAA and how this could cause problems for all of us...ALL OF US...down the road...at least that's the conclusion I hope he comes to. He can do alot more for us here among the Americans and Assyrians who DON'T act the way the bejans do...if he distances himself from any organizatiion that is willing to get involved in a personal dispute between an Armenian woman and myself...even to the point of calling here and trying to influence people.

Keep it up Jackie, keep it up...you reveal yourself to us all with each passing day. At least you'll always have a footstool in Wilfred.

-- panch
-- signature .

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