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Posted by panch from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 2:07PM :

In Reply to: I apologize again -for all of the legal posts posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 1:58PM :

Oh NO! You are MOST relevant to her...not for any crime, but for what you represent. She and I used to talk often of the need to attract our dynamic young people...that they are out there but wont come work on this thing so long as these organizations behave in the childish and ultimately destructive ways they do. Who could have guessed then that Jackie would take the San Jose Association to the head of that destructive line?

It is imperative to her that I be repudiated and isolated, that above all else I be seen as alienating young people..attacking the Lily who used to be Alli and others...that I "turn on all who helped me" she has said to several she STRIVES to make others believe.

She wants to maintain the mantle of the one who "understands" what the Youth need...that they rally to her side and support her. And in Wilferd she has a rather long in the tooth "yooth" who serves well enough...but she isn't likely to get any others...and just to show that Peter Jazbitboohoo isn't the only one who believes in destroying what wont be his...she will now destroy any opposition..any "dear" young man she can't HAVE.

You are VERY relevant and IMPORTANT to her...but not for who you really are...just what she can use you for...a "prize" she can show she once delighted in showing me off as her "friend"...saying I should tell everyone to come to me through HER!

It's crowded enough through her already...not much more room for anyone else to fit through.

-- panch
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