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Posted by panch from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 2:37PM :

In Reply to: Re: glad that you understand it posted by Lilly from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 2:25PM :

: xxx We bring it up & discuss it, but I don't like to talk about these parts of my past.

++++Oh get off your soapbox will I supposed to poke around and ask? Do you ALWAYS call people and tell them "private" things about your privates? It is so friggin obvious you want the world to know but feel you must be coy about it to remove any taint of guilt YOU might you never tire of hinting that every man who ever saw you started thinking of "that". I'd say you still can't admit the thing in the clear and ugly light of I never could speak of these things because all rape victims are made to feel...and CAN feel, that they brought it on EVERY child is made to feel that THEY asked for that slap, that kick, that insult..that they had it COMING.

How absolutely awful if you secretly believed you might have done something to bring it on!!!

I KNOW damn well I didn't want any of I can talk about it because it really WAS a "rape", YOU make nice distinctions about howlong the penetrating object had to be and what color before it is REALLY rape!...not a seduction gone many girls I met got the wrong response to what they thought was innocent play...a little fun naughtiness that backfired when the jerk believed what was being played at. So grow up alright long you think that scholarship is good for anyway?

We can talk statistics & definitions, but I'm not ready to talk about my experiences, not publicly - I already have spoken to you about it privately, to you & someone else who frequents this board. What gave you the right, who gave you permission, to write on your public board about something I assumed you'd keep confidential about me? It was NOT me that gave you this permission.

+++And it was NOT you that ever gave any permission to anyone to abuse you either. People misinterpret signals all the isn't the fault of the person sending the signals if they didn't really mean it or realize what the consequences might be...THAt is what you can't figure out yet...and I can't help it if I met you on this board...I'm still gonna tell you the truth.

-- panch
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