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Posted by International Hot Foot from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 5:14PM :

See...what we have here is your Zinda wanting to be a magazne, and your Wilfred wanting to be an editor and your others wanting to be politicians and leaders and hysterians and journalists, and all of them without knowing or risking a goddamn thing.

You can't blame them when someone who really dedicates time and Life to our Heritage comes along and sends them all into a tailspin.

They want it to stay THEIR sandbox, where idiots rule...in their spare time. It'd be like you going to an Assyrian doctor who only had the time and the will and the interest and the ability to learn to do surgery in his spare time...time he rips away from the end of each day at his gas station...or the bank where he works...or the trade school where he teaches.

You go into his garage and he takes a broken coke bottle and operates on you...then he tears up his T shirt and carefully wraps the wound after shoving horseshit into it cause that makes it "glow" so nice after a couple of days.

The fact that you get gangrene the next week and your arm, leg and head have to be amputated... he puts down to a failure on his part to have enough time to do MORE operations like that so he can get "better" at it...though he still expects your praise for trying with all his heart.

Something basic missing there.

-- International Hot Foot
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