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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 5:59PM :

In Reply to: what? posted by Lilly from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 3:08PM :

: The sexual assaults were at the hands of a babysitter's teenage daughter (when I was btwn the ages of 1-5 years old - I remember the incidences, just not my age)

It was closer to 5 years old. Of course I couldn't have been too young - I know I was old enough to run around & play & not wear diapers. She would get me to go in her bedroom, lock the door, make me lie on her bed, naked, & she would touch me on my privates - my flat girl chest & other privates. She had no reason to do this - no changing diapers or underwear - I didn't wet my pants or "soil" myself. She would kiss, stroke, & pinch me on those areas to see how I reacted. & all the time she was doing this, I was embarrassed. I remember thinking that the door was locked & that I couldn't leave. & she also threatened me not to tell anyone. She knew what she was doing was wrong. I knew it, too, but I was afraid. I spent years pretending like those times never happened, but then it all came back one day when I bumped into her in a different town, my senior year of high school. I kept the conversation very short, & I wanted to ask her if she remembered what she'd done to me, but I couldn't. It's the embarrassment. What if she denied it? I have no proof, just memories. & you know what? The sickest part of it all is that she's a nurse now. & I hope to God that she's not doing that to anyone else's kids.

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