Dear Bored Members of Assyrian Association...

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 9:38PM :

...of San Jose,

I do NOT want to sue your association. It is ridiculous to imagine that I spent 24 some years working as I have only to "destroy" myself in the end for the fun of it...or to make money suing. The only thing stoopider than suing to make money, is making sculpture and art and paintings and music for Assyrians and expecting them to NOT ruin you.

I have no choice. I am being SUED by your president...this is the third complaint aginst me and the first against Jeff, with TEN more slots waiting. What part of this statement do you NOT understand?

I have been put in a Catch 22 (NOT a perfume). I am accused of slandering her by stating that she was negligent in not warning you that the Association faced a possible lawsuit from me if she, and you (Ignorance is no excuse), went ahead and broke our agreement at the last minute like that...listed all the laws and doodles you might be breaking etc. She chose not to share that letter with all of you...what do you want ME to do about it...die politely so YOU don't have to be inconvenienced? I see what she did, and failed to do, as "negligence"...I didn't realize you considered it doing "her job".

Now...what's the best way, the ONLY way to prove that she WAS negligent, and that hence I was NOT slandering her but rather telling the dismal truth? To SUE you, as my lawyer warned I might if you proceeded. The time and care she is taking now, should have been put to work BEFORE...and we might well have avoided all of this. That is at least what they do in the big world. In that world, the president of an organization being sued, steps down so that the association does NOT get dragged into it...they don't insist on taking everyone with them as a sign of their personal loyalty. Are you a Suicide Sect or what?

Do you people have a hard time telling the truth? All I asked for was a letter telling me the "truth"...any "friend" of yours would insist you tell the truth and not go further with them into a lie just to show you "really care". Where was HER care???

Where is the betrayal in that? Why is simply stating the facts a betrayal? And I'll tell you something taking so much time and being so cautious when it is too only UNDERLINE the truth of my allegation...because this is in marked contrast to the single minded rule she imposed on us all...dragging us here.

Tell me...did the Assyrians whose throats dulled the knives of their enemies, bear the responsibility for the "trouble" those enemies went through to sharpen them again?

Am I at fault because I will not let my rights and work be trampled upon by what you all now admit through your deliberate care and actions NOW...was a travesty you had no part in because you were never told? Is that NOT negligence???

Who slanders whom? Think wisely fer chrissakes...not with your "hearts" like children...this wont be Juvenile's Superior Court for The State of California. You'll need to do more than wear expensive clothing. Think with your heads.

-- panch
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