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Posted by BethSuryoyo from ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 10:49PM :


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Written by parhad on 27 Dec 2000 19:11:08:

In my ongoing attempts to get rich making sculpture for our people I'd like to announce plans for a new monument. This would be a monument to commemorate the ASSYRIAN GENOCIDE in Iraq today. Rather than wait 100 years, after everyone else has realized and admitted there was one, and we too find the courage to admit the obvious, I propose building one now. We don't have to install it right away. We could keep it in a warehouse somewhere until then. I can see the headlines now..."ASSYRIANS UNVEIL MONUMENT TO TRAGIC EVENTS OF 1991-2010.

There could be hunger strikes, demonstrations (if everyone is willing), AUA press realeases etc. The Armenians and Greeks could join in for joint conferences...seminars could be held at various campuses around the nation, souvenirs ...the whole enchilada of ethnic pride and protest.

My design is a bold one which I'm sure will be favored by all. It shows an Assyrian man, dressed in heroic 20th century garb. He's caught, seated at an ornate desk. He will have a thoughtful, pensive yet heroic look in his eyes, kind of staring away into the future. In his hand he'll be holding an elaborate, heroic, pen with which he'll be filling out his annual taxes, the ones which allot a portion to the bombing and starvation of the people in his "Dear Homeland". The title will be 'WHAT COULD I DO'. Or something like that.

For seldom have this Great people spent so much money and turned such a blind eye to the genocide perpetrated on themselves, by themselves. Whereas once Turks and other Moslem scum could be blamed, the modern Assyrian has discovered that, in return for a safe and profitible existence in the very country which leads the way in destroying his "Dear Homeland", all he has to do is sign on the dotted line and the quality of life he came here for will be assured. It's a small price to pay to secure the safety and prosperity of that hairy arsed Sargon of his with the pierced head.

Donations can be sent directly to me. Please hurry, the payment on my Beemer is due soon.

ASSYRIA FOR ASSYRIANS (what's left of it)

-- BethSuryoyo
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