On Abortion and the Like

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Posted by BethSuryoyo III from bgp01107368bgs.wbrmfd01.mi.comcast.net ( on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 11:18PM :


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Written by parhad on 01 Jan 2001 02:54:30:

Before I ever responded to these forums I read an slight altercation regarding abortion. Since the average Assyrian mind is, well...average, I'd like to re-visit this topic and see what the feeling is out there.

As I remember the two points were that, one: a woman has a right to her own body and 2: good people abhor killing of any kind.

I tred lightly here because my part as a man lasts, well you don't need to know exactly how long it lasts, but let's say a "short time".
The woman on the other hand, is faced with the consequence for the rest of her life; With or without the father, whose actual involvement in raising the child is usually fairly brief and limited.

I don't know how comfortable I'd be with women clamoring to legislate what I could do with my body.

Let me get something out of the way right now. I don't think men like women. I mean REALLY like them, as people; like the way their mind works and their emotions run wild. The boys would stay on their side of the yard playing with other boys much much longer, except that they all of a sudden want to do THAT, and they don't want to do THAT with another fellow. Most of them that is. I think 95% of all men are true homosexuals, especially the ones who deny it and strut their stuff most vehemently. I mean homosexual in the sense that they're interested in the MALE. They like being with the guys, they like the way a guy's mind works, the way his emotions are cramped and stifled. They'd much rather be out with the guys shooting baskets or hanging around. They don't really appreciate the "other", the woman. But of course, when it comes to THAT, they're all eyes and ears and...well. But just as soon as ever as they can get it over with, back they go to "manly" things.

So, at some time in their development, they troop over to the girls' side and pretend to be interested in them and put up with their silly patter and thrive on their attention, when all the while they're wondering how much of this grief they have to go through to get to do THAT.

Then, as soon as they get married and can do THAT almost any time she lets them, they lose interest in "the wife" and the majority look for someone else to impress and who might just let them do some more of THAT. The last thing they want to think about is that she might want to do more of THAT and, worse, that she might want to do it with someone else. Most moral teachings have at their core the need to keep woman bound up tight.

Men come to view a woman's freedom in any capacity as a precursor to rampant immorality. Even her simple equality makes them think she means the equality to do THAT the way he does. They feel that a woman who can too easily get rid of the consequences of THAT, will be more willing and less frightened to do THAT.

Enter the pious stance and the moral preaching against killing a fetus, which anti-choice people insist is a human being. It may or not be. That isn't the point really. I mean, it's not as if we, they, this, and most countries don't kill, freely and almost joyously. Religious admonitions have no place here because they're too obviously dragged out and dusted off to serve this specific instance.

When I write about the crimes of killing and starving OUR OWN people. I'm told these things can't be stopped, "what can we do", " we wrote the government", "there's always been injustice" etc. etc. That's all true, but how come when abortion rights are mentioned, one hears far more impassioned and strident and constant condemnation, hellfire and brimstone, then when Sanctions against living children are mentioned.

Anti-abortionists have always shown more interest in the life that "might be" than the one gasping at their feet, even with their own shoe on its neck. This country has no qualms when executing people with the mentality of children, or even over the possibility that they could be killing innocent men and women. To most of us no black kid is really i, or his lawyer was too clever.

There's very little evidence of a regard for the "sanctity of life" in the people who denounce a woman's right to her body. There's no evidence that it's the killing they mind, babe or adult, since they pay for having it done regularly. But there is evidence, and a lot of it, that men such as that, and their women too, are very concerned about people being able to do too much of THAT. As some view AIDS as the proper punishment for homosexuality, others see the unwanted pregnancy forced upon the woman as a fitting punishment and just maybe a deterrent, kind of like execution.

No woman, or man, for that matter takes abortion lightly. At the time they might. But for each of them there remains a haunting bitterness. NO one in the freedom of choice movement, and especially not the women involved, takes abortion lightly. Any woman who decides on an abortion suffer far more in her heart than the most ardent, pious, fraud of a randy, skirt-chasing man...or any man.

What men can do is counsel their own kind to take pregnancy and precautions seriously. We have enough to do to work on the morality of our brothers without making the women who we make to suffer our "masculine needs", pay for our own indiscretion by having our hypocrasy too shoved down their throats.


-- BethSuryoyo III
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