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Posted by panch from ? ( on Saturday, May 18, 2002 at 9:57AM :

Look...no one is saying that Bush and his birds sat around PLANNING the attacks...or put in a call to Osama asking his help with the Nation's unrest over a stolen election. That's not how these things work...that's not politics.

Politics is choosing the right team, the ones who know what is wanted without being told outright...the ones who want to win at any price, to gain control, cause that's what this is all about...who gets to control the money, the appointments, us, the media etc.

When you put together a football team you don't keep the guy who thinks fourth and goal to go is the time to sing Ave Maria when the ball is snapped...you just sort of figure out what you need at that position before you find yourself there. By their very willingness to come aboard that sort of team, Bush's birds are "selected"...and he knows they can be counted on to do the right thing.

So here we have the Republicans, frustrated at being out played by Clinton...who even after being caught with his cigar down, souldn't be removed from office. So what are they gonna do to win? What Republicans since Nixon have always done, resort to dirty tricks that usually have as a heavy component of dirt, the making us all fearful and paranoid over a "devil" out there, there in the wild forests and exotic foreign places.

Bush and his advisors sit around advising and being advised...they notice memos coming in, dots as they say...and they let these dots accumulate...they say, "there is a disappointing amount of specificity and new intelligence about them"...or some such thing. It's called "Plausible Deniability"...Reagan's team coined that phrase...it means you've got to make it so that later you can plausibly deny any fore-knowledge of events you dearly wished would happen. So they wait, and they wait...and they attack Iraq here and they attack Afghanistan there...the Sudan already taken care of by Clinton...they see a bombing here of another ship, like in Vietnam...they see an embassy blown up over there, and they wait and they wait...hoping like hell nothing very bad happens...just enough to give them the photo ops, and the "mandate" that wholy escaped them at the polls...as the election got away from them there...and then it comes. What they've all been secertly praying for, though dreading nonetheless...that opportunity you couldn't have scripted, before....but which you can begin scripting several responses to now, and all of them with the nation's eyes glued to you. A completely unexpected benefit is the ressurection of Rudi Guiliani, a scum of a man who also gets knighted in the process.

It isn't as if American politicians and corporate types, which are increasingly the ones who go into corporate politics, give a good goddamn about the American people or any people. To them "people", you and me, are merely another resource, like a tree, or the air, or a lake...and you can see what sort of value they place in those resources, what use they find for them.

It isn't as if they agonize over the disparity between their golden parachutes and salaries and benefits pegged in the zillions while their workers can't get their teeth fixed...that they care about the thousands and millions of children who go hungry in America, not the Sudan, in America...or the lack of basic health care and education that means something and jobs that go somewhere.

These types show themselves every day to be as callous and calculating as you'd expect...so why does it shock you all so that they would stand around hoping to profit from the death of even more people... the destruction of resources, the pollution in the air, the despair and fear engendered in people who feel increasingly hopeless...hell, they do it every day from those corporate offices downtown in all the majot cities of this country and from overseas conglomorates...and from that corporate office where once presidents sat.

-- panch
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