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Posted by panch from ? ( on Saturday, May 18, 2002 at 10:53AM :

Dear Lincoln,

What in God's name are you thinking? Do you think Shawn himself would have sued me, or Jeff, for the things I am doing...if I was talking about him? You think he would spend ten cents on his own defence? He is a professional and a grown up...he knows you only make things worse for yourself if you engage in this sort of thing trying to "claer your name". He knows you only make things worse for yourself...that getting any legal satisfaction is a slim slim chance...especially when the person doing it to you has nothing to lose...this is a Civil matter, not a criminal Debtors prison and certainly no jail time.

I could prove it by taking off after HIM...but I know he wouldn't bother. If he were really your wife's "advisor", or even friend...he would have told her to ignore it, that she would only make it worse and drag you and your friends and her reputation and the rest of the things she thinks she is going to salvage, down into the gutter she claims to want to avoid, even at the cost of $100,000 or more.

He would have told her that all she would get for her pains would be an even larger audience and more and more of the same until her friends don't want to know her, and the clubs and plans she had all lie ruined at her feet. You don't "win" somthing like this. You lose the moment you think you can win it...that has been proven time and time again.

Of course Shawn will listen to her tales of outrage...he wont even bother to check her on details or the truth of what she says. At the end of it all he'll say something like..."Well, Ms do have recourse under the Law." Of course she has "recourse". All that means is that if she wants to file a lawsuit, she has that right...that's all it means. It doesn't mean she has a snowball's chance in Turlock of succeeding.

He's no dummy. He sees how vexed she is...notices how much appearances mean to her, that she's built her life on how she comes across, never mind what lies beneath...and he sees a good that with the slightest hint of "recourses" will shell out what she hopes will bring relief and revenge.

Jackie wrote e-mails to people using your company name and address. She is CFO of your company. You are soon going to find yourself lumped together in a suit with the likes of Alphonse Odishoo, John Nimrod, Atour Golani, Alladin Khamis et al. What the hell are you doing in their company?

You know damn well there was no loan of $6,000. You and I were in your office alone when you made the agrement to donate to the Hammurabi. You also know there was no land swindle in Mexico, you know I never tried to interest you in it, that on the contrary you got mad at ME for not telling you about it, for only telling another friend. You know you insisted on me handling it with the agent in Mexico, though I tried to get you to do it.

Jackie didn't win a "judgement" against me in that $66,000 appetizer. What she won is another headache. She signed that suit under penalty of perjury, that the donation was really a loan, and the land swindle was real. YOU know they are not. Did YOU give her that false information...did she make it up on her own without telling you? Now that you know, and now that you will be charged alongside the others for making deliberate false statements intended to ruin my business...will you tell the truth on the stand, thereby sending Jackie down the river...or will you too now have to lie?

She won that judgement based on false claims...on perjured statements. I could move to have it overturned but don't want to. Let it stand as a testament to greed, vengeance, pettiness and futility...because she can't collect from someone who ain't got it.

All she's done is drag you into this mess as well...and your company.

You and I know she can't be stopped. We know she allows you to choose a Mercedes over a Porche and what color it can be...things like that. How often though, when you've been critical of her involvement with "those jackasses" has she held up her hand and said, " is none of your business". How often has she said that her "political work" is something as dear to her as her family and you have to just understand that, or else.

You can't stop her, I know. Shawn will of course "help" himself at every opportuinity, he'd be a fool to pass up such a goldmine. But...when this is over and Shawn has cashed his last and she will be left to live in this matter what the outcome at the trial, you will have "lost". Things are being written now and sent to people that will all be posted when the time comes. Shawn will be seen as blameless, as acting as her her insistance, using material that SHE gave him...get it? Everyone will know to what levels she stooped...not for justice, but for revenge.

Try to talk her out of reaching out to entangle more innocent wont work in the end and will only make the two of you more bitter. Enough has been done in pre-trial mayhem and dirt. Let the rest go till we face the jury.

So sorry,

Fred Parhad

-- panch
-- signature .

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