Men and Emotions

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Saturday, May 18, 2002 at 11:09AM :

I'ne never met an animal more prone to hysteria and unbridled emotionalism than the Male Human. Having made the impossible split between "Mind" and "Heart" think they "think". They assume because they take a cold, detached, analytical approach to things, they are therefore being serious and thorough and fair and cool(they would). Like we darkies think the cold white man must be superior.

In reality the female is far more rational, because she is more integrated. It's one thing to trick yourself into believing you are all "in the head"'s another to deny your tears. Women who are accepted by men in positions once reserved for men only, are expected to make that transition to "all in the head". That produces monsters every bit as monstrous as the men have traditionally been. It gives us a Janet Reno who sends in tanks and flamethrowers against children, just to prove she is worthy...or a Madeliene Albright who can say dead Iraqi babies are an acceptable policy objective.

Men have emotions...plenty of them. But they are infantile emotions...never tried, never tested, never taken out and lived with, never the chance to get cozy with your fears, your tears and doubts and passions and anguish. Suppressing their emotions from an early age because they want to be Manly...they never develop them, whereas the girl has to sharpen up her "mind" to deal with things like gross injustice and unfairness...her tears flow easily enough and thank god she can get away with it.

Men have emotions, indeed they do...and they run on almost pure emotions...they're just damamged and stilted and cramped and crippled emotions. But since this produces a blank stare in the eyes of human suffering or allows them to be cold and calculating...THEY think they have got their emotions in control...are not ruled by them...are not being influenced by them in the least...that they are "in control and thinking clearly". Bull.

Men do everything with the emotions of a stunted child and the intellect of a seagull, and not a very bright one either. It is their favorite fiction that they are "all in the head" when they are all over the place...only they do it with a mask of a face and the abillity to say things like..."we will starve these children till their parents have enough". You have to be VERY emotional to blurt something like that out...very little of your "head" has to have been involved in making such an assinine "policy directive".

A woman is far more likely to be rational...but the best of all are Human Beans who are integrated and comfortable and used to using ALL of their hearts and minds and who know they are the same damn thing.

-- panch
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