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Posted by panch smith from ? ( on Saturday, May 18, 2002 at 11:31AM :

><i>I don't get why assyrians act so hostile agains the armenians judging from what i read here saying that the armenians claiming it to be "their" genocide etc.</i>

>Assyrians, Greeks and Armenians were massacred.

++++Assyrians and Iraqis and Muslim Assyrians are still being massacred slowly and by starvation.

><i>The fact is that the genocide took place in the armenian homeland, and the majority of the victims was armenians.</i>
>750,000 Assyrians were killed.
>400,000 Greeks were killed.
>1.5 million Armenians were killed.

+++Don't forget 600,000 Iraqi Assyrian children killed by the Christian West with the direct aid of Christian Assyrians.

>A total of 2.65 million people. Percentages, Assyrians constituted 28%, Greeks 15%, and Armenians 56%.
>So it is not good to claim that the majority were Armenians, because it is an insensitive statement, and it has a dismissive connotation.
><i>We know for a fact that religion of course was invloved but it wasnt the main reason. The armenians was a big threat to the Osman empire due to ottoman plans to gain a big turkish empire and unit all turks and turkish speaking.</i>
>A novel idea, but not consistent with historical fact. The Ottoman empire was in it's dying days, and in no position to do such a thing. The 1915 genocide was primarily a religious cleansing, and continuied a pattern of genocides of Christians by Muslims that had begun in 1842.

++++That pattern was learned from the Christians who first invaded Muslim lands seeking murder and profit 1000 year ago. The crimes committed by the Muslims and Ottomans etc. were done because the West uses religion as a wedge to get its missionaries in first...then its money...finally its Marines. No one in Modern history has killed as the Christians one. And they are still at it...even planning another war against a country that never did a damn thing to them.

++++Change your name to Pinocchio while you're at it...or even Finocchio.

-- panch smith
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