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Posted by National Foot In Mouth from ? ( on Saturday, May 18, 2002 at 2:26PM :

I first got tagged with that line...the first time I said I wouldn't allow the yahoos at the Federation tell me how to display my to make it...what color it should be...where I would display it...what I would charge for it...what the subject would be...and to get the fuck away from me or I would tell them what I REALLY thought of them.

To an Assyrian...these types at least...any resistance by an Assyrian is "non-Assyrian". We are supposed to continue being shoved around now that our leeders have watched others get away with it.

You bet...come mess with my family, my village and my work...and be prepared for trouble. Leave me alone to live my life and do my work the way I know it needs doing, and you will have no trouble from me.

I became a worse troublemaker when I wouldn't let Nimrod get away with his lies about me having dreamed up the commission from Helen...the last one before she died...the one he stalled making an additional payment on...from HER hopes she would die so he could keep even more of it. He said he knew nothing of any "commission"...which of course beggars the question you could put to the bugger as to why he WOULD have known of any such dealings between Helen and I...and therefore, he told everyone including her sons...I was out to cheat a dead old lady who had been "charitable" towards me.

The lying sack of turds took it back when he saw the letter from his own wife...who apparently doesn't share much with him either, written to me to thank me for doing some work for her, saying the "Senator knew all about it and approved." Seeing that, he had enough sense to cave and pay up.

But that incident, standing up for my rights and the truth, made me an even bigger trouble maker, cause I was making trouble for liars and cheats and sneaks to get away with what they were used to...and that led the dumb shmucks to try to have Dr Eden Naby drop me, and when that didn't work, they tried to confisctae my art work at the convention in Chicago, and when that didn't work, they tried to have me thrown out, and when that didn't work, they tried to have me arrested, and when that didn't work, they tried to keep me from addressing the delegates the last night, and when that didn't work, they tried to stop the Shumirum...and something finally went their way and it's stopped. Who said these guys can't get things done?

Then we go to the next convention where Jackie tried to get me into a compromising position somewhere between an ashtray and gear shift lever, and when that didn't work, she said she could get me more buyers if I would just play balls, and when that didn't work, she said she could get the Shumirum installed in San Jose, and when that didn't work, and I told her she couldn't have it to play with any longer, she said she would stop me from coming to the convention, and when that didn't work, she told everyone I was a troublemaker and I should be stopped from displaying Assyrian sculpture to Assyrians coming from around the world and country, and that I should not be allowed to sell my sculptures, that only I had to be stopped from doing so, and that if I didn't sign, or openned my mouth to ask a question, I could be removed by the police if necessary, and it worked. Who says Jackie can't get things done?

trouble now is that I said she shouldn't do those things cause she would get sued, and it worked, I said she would drag her Club into it, and it worked, I said she would lose in the long run, and it worked, said the publicity would be worse for her, and it worked, said I would go on and sell the rest of my life, and it worked, said that she would be the one to make trouble for herself, her husband, her Association, her reputation, the AANF, several officers of the AANF and the AUA, that I would sue them all for conspiring to stop me from making "trouble", that I wouldn't bother with any silly suits she brought, would wait till she made a really big stupid blunder than defend myself and drag them all into it by the short hairs...and it worked. Who says I can't get things done?

Are we capable of doing great things or aren't we? Who made more trouble in the end? I'll catch hell though, because once again the unheard of Assyrian defended himself and not only that, but joined battle as well.

-- National Foot In Mouth
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