Shawn and Parhad VS The Jackster

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Saturday, May 18, 2002 at 9:33PM :

I just signed the legal whangles to answer and counter sue, or complain...or hop around on one foot. Jeezus Christ what a game these guys play..."Fred, do you want her eyeballs to pop out or her ass to melt...which one, cause I can do either...legally".

I just gave Shawn a big fat the time he wades through that stuff and 'answers" it all...Jackie will be well on the way to wasting that $100,000. And it was a bargain for me. Wouldn't you know it...the guy is one of us darkies...and WANTS SCULPTURE??? Does Ashur watch over me or what??? Even Alli is up on a ceiling somewhere... for good (?)

So...I opted to have her hair pulled out by the roots and her nose pushed out of joint. I could have had the Weekend Special "reaming", but opted to wait on that...too cruel, even for Lawyers.

I'll tell the time I plowed through the thing, I wasn't sure if I was suing her for shooting my dog, or building a forty storey building on my left foot. Those guys can sling it with the best of them.

All the things that could have been done with that money...all the day care centers in Iraq...schools...battleships. Instead Shawn gets it and she gets screwed by the both of us.

All I asked to do was show my sculpture like she and I had planned on doing. Let us learn a valuable lesson...that a leader isn't someone who has spare time and cash...or looks and sounds good, while all the time leading us in circles that go nowhere but down in the end. hell...if not me some other "crisis" would have confronted her...that is if she ever got out of the Kindergarten we've made of Assyria.

-- panch
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