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Posted by panch from ? ( on Sunday, May 19, 2002 at 9:58AM :

>By making such stupid statements you are trying to trivilize what happened to the Assyrians during world war one and ignore the fact that these massacres resulted in our scattering around the world, the loss of our historic homelands and the undermining of the survival of our people .

+++By ignoring the fact that Assyrians are standing by silent, and helping to pay for the destruction of our Homelands, while also paying for the preservation of Israel...Assyrians are now continuing and expanding the deplorable conditions you allude to from our past. I don't much care who is bombing Iraq and starving our children...or any children, to death...Assyrian or Muslim, makes no difference to me.

Only an Assyrian traitor
>will do what are up to.

+++I don't know what I am "UP to". I know I am fed UP...and have had it UP to here...with your tawdry history and peurile patriotism. Hate mongering is the same leads to nothing constructive, Peter.

>The population of Iraq as of now is 22 million people up from just 18 million a few years ago. Your Master saddam Hossain

+++Saddam Hussein was trained and supplied by the United States and he is doing their dirty work for them.

has plenty of money to offer $25,0000 to the family of every phalistinian terrorist who blows up Israelies by blowing himself up. He just flushed down the toilet one Billion dollars by stoppin g the Iraqi oil export for one month to protest Istaeli and phalistinian conflict?

+++You run your finances the way you want to. I doubt you have any proof for any of these statements. You probably believe George Bush too. Enough said about your gullibility.

>Your master Saddam Hossain is committing cultural genocide and facist Arabization policy against the Assyrians by forbiding from teaching their langauge, calling themselves Assyrians, not allowing them to live in some cities of the north, forcing them to give their children Arabic names,

+++That is bull plain and simple. If he is doing anything along those lines it is still not as bad as our young people coming here and adopting the jargon of Blacks and Mexicans and trying in every way they can to forget abouit being embarrassing has it become to keep reminding ourselves of what we were four thousand years ago compared to what we are today. In Iraq Assyrian antiquities are being preserved and the land could become a garden again if you guys and YOUR master George Bush would get off their backs. What is worse?...being forced to give up a name like Firas by Saddam, as you claim...or changing it yourself to Ross, because it is to your economic advantage to do so...with no one making a move against you. It's one thing to jump because a lion crosses your's another to leap out of your skin and name because you saw your own shadow.

forcing them to call
>themselves Arabs, putting their churches under the command of government Islamic minister, denying them the right to buy land, driving them out of some cities and settling Arabs in their former homes.

+++Propaganda exists everywhere...this is just your feeble attempt at it. I'd say they are all having their homes changed to graves...their names to tombstones, their building bombed from the air by Christians...and I wouldn't blame a Muslim country at all if it suspected the loyalty of its Christian America seems to have no trouble throwing us off of airplanes and denying our rights. Wen Ho Lee spent nine months in solitary for nothing except that he was Chinese...and Japanese Americans were put in concentration camps just a few years ago. If you want to wait to see how loved and trusted you are by a government that feels no pangs when it kills our people, of ANY religion...go ahead.

>You are not an Assyrian if you are you a traitor and selloff !

+++Of course I'm Assyrian. You are Christian. You can be a Christian from anywhere, France, Spain, can only be an Assyrian from one place, and I was born there and never became a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim or a Buddhist. I am Assyrian...that's why I don't buy your Christian propaganda. Let a million Christians get wiped off the face of the earth and where's the loss? ten zillion more where those came from. Christianity is as safe as anything can be. Kill off 100,000 Assyrians and you have a real tragedy on your hands...or we do. What's it to you?

and selloff !

+++You sell "off" stocks. One is a sell "out", not a stock. Get your insults right.

What do you do for Assyria except talk...and at that without even the guts to give your name? I know, I know...even as we speak now agents of Saddam's are searching the woods in Jersey looking for you.

-- panch
-- signature .

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