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Posted by panch from ? ( on Sunday, May 19, 2002 at 3:09PM :

Almost every respected and noted scholar in the field admits that it was the Christians who were killing each they were in Europe. The Muslims brought stability to Spain where the Visigoths were killing each other and everyone else. Under the Khaliphs the quality of life for Jews immediately improved, and vastly so. In time the Muslims were able to tame the Christians who were still killing each other over whether or not Jesus was one in two, or three out of four, a six-pack, or all sixteen together, except on Sundays when you could kill anyone after three in the afternoon.

Same in Iraq...where the Muslims found various Christian sects killing each other and vying for more and more wealth in the form of monastary lands they hoped to remove from the tax roles. These warring Christians had been kicked out of Byzantium and brought their murders and their nonsensical trivia for which they would nonetheless kill each other's children, down to our poor Homelands. THANK GOD the Muslims came and separated them and maintained peace and built one of the world's greatest civilizations...I don't care who they had the good sense to borrow what England and America and the Church owe so much to the Romans.

Islam was a force for peace in that region...a region that saw Bosnian and Hungarian peasants stealing out at night to take their families to Istanbul where they knew they would not be harrassed for whatever niche belief they held...and where taxes were nowhere near as onerous as they were in fuedal Christian Europe.

This is patent nonsense you all have taken from your priests as any number of mad Mullahs "teach" their own version of history. Nothing worse than reading one book...or ten Christian ones.

-- panch
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