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Posted by panch from ? ( on Sunday, May 19, 2002 at 8:55PM :

>Dear Ashur don't waste your time with these people. This guy if not Fred Parhad it is one of his cohorts.

+++I don't have cohorts. I don't have warts either. I have small tolerance for idiots and that makes me unpopular...I stand out so, you see.

There is no reason to believe any thing they write. If this guy is realy an Assyrian the first thing he will do is to renounce his Islamic religion.

+++That's ridiculous. That's like saying someone who renounces his Assyrian religion for Christianity is an Assyrian...instead of just one Christian lost in a sea of them. No one is asking you to renounce Christianity in order to prove you are an Assyrian. Assyrians were very tolerant and still are. Ashur is a universal god, not a bloody tribal chieftan like the guy you pray to.

Invasion of Islam during the last 14 centuries has been responsible for the destruction and the threat continues into the future.

+++Now there's a crock of cohorts for you. Islam tamed the warring Christian sects who to this day can't resist tearing at each other wherever three of them congregate. The World wars, Napoleonic Wars, 100 Years War, Thirty Years War, Peasants War, Seven Years War as well as several since and around and in between, right up till the present when Christians are once again killing and destroying in the MidEast as they've done since the Crusades and before are only a slight indication of the bloodthirsty nature of this religion of Pieces.

We have to thank Saddam Hossain and his supporters insided and outside of Iraq for the death of the
>the Iraqis including Assyrians.

+++I "thank" them all the time. Thank you Uncle Sam and all your pro American and Americanized Assyrians whom no one forced to become Americanized but who saw an advantage and took it. What's worse?

-- panch
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