Okay...so I lied

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Monday, May 20, 2002 at 7:55AM :

Still in San Hose.
Leaving in a while.

Can you imagine any grown up and sane lawyer suing me, and Jeff as well, for these silly things. Can you imagine a lawyer taking out after us for the kinds of things Jackie alleges? Can you imagine a lawyer spending the kind of money she has just begun to spend on something he knows damn well wont go anywhere? Would a lawyer have sued or asked for a restraining order based on the non-evidence Jackie had? Would a lawyer have perjured himself on a subpenis about land swindles and loans that weren't? And would any lawyer take ten cents out of his own pocket, out of his children's pockets, out of the charitable organizations he might be yearning and burning to spend that dime on...for this???

But try to imagine any lawyer turning this down as an easy way to make some good bucks. Imagine any lawyer looking with calm disdain on a woman who pulls into his parking lot, driving one Mercedes and towing another behind? Imagine him being unmoved when she struggles up his stairs with two suitcases full of expensive and frightened looking suits...with jewelry bulging from her purse...three bags of gold coins several checkbooks, credit cards and the gold tea set she received at her wedding? Imagine him remaining indifferent when she clasps him to those bozooms and weeps down his neck...tells him she is ready to part with any amount of cash, just to get a little helping of justice.

What Human Bean could resist, let alone a lawyer?

Naturally he gets out his law books and starts hunting up recipes for ways to make people's lives miserable. To be that kind of lawyer you don't have to give odds...not when you can sense your client is more intent on hurting than on proving. Under those circumstances you're willing to harrass mothers...sue college students, their mothers, their grandmothers etc. All you require is the slightest pretext to get them...and that is provided for you for free, by the woman sitting across the desk from you signing checks, statements, documents etc.

Shawn knows better...knows his International Shoe belongs in his Northwest mouth...knows that he would never "advise" a friend to do such a thing...knows it's a losing battle...most lost when seemingly "won".

He also knows a good thing when it presents itself.

-- panch
-- signature .

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