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Posted by panch from ? ( on Monday, May 20, 2002 at 8:09AM :

The case she brings against us is one of those kinds of things where we almost don't have to do anything in our defense. Like the restraining order bullshit when I didn't even have to be there. It would be like trying to get the court to get an order requiring me to sit at the back of a bus and paint my face black.

I don't have to show up and plead with the court that I don't WANT to have to paint my face black and sit in the back of a bus. If the court grants such a stupid request...before you know it lawyers are using that case as a precedent in all sorts of dumb suits. The court is there to protect our rights, which of course means protecting the document, the Constitution, that gave us those rights.

It wasn't like the land swindle nonsense. In that case I am being accused of having cheated someone. All I had to do was show up and dignify the proceedings. I lost on default which means the court assumes I must think myself guilty, or didn't much care. The Constitution itself says I lose, so the judge is upholding that document when she rules against me.

It is far more satisfying to have lost that decision and wait for Jackie to collect, than it would have been to have the thing thrown out by showing up. Now she's perjured herself even more cause she had to swear under oath that her statements were true. If I can just manage to get Lin-kaaan into court on my counter-cliam, I'll ask him about that "loan" as part of my attempt to prove there was collusion or something among all these people to "get" making lying statements such as the one Jackie court no less.

When it comes to slander and defamation and awarding penalties, I'm again on safe ground. Doesn't matter how good or bad I am at defending myself because the courts again have to be carefull they don't make bad case law...set those lousy precedents that can be such headaches and what not. If they grant all that Jackie is asking for, they open a can of worms for themselves. I can just about skip this thing as well...but I wont.

This time there will be an audience...people to see and hear the whole ridiculous thing. We'll have to discuss things like which word is it okay to use when describing anatomy...this one, or that one...and it will all be in the trial transcripts, public record and all of that...which means no one can stop me from posting it anywhere.

The added bonus will be having the court agree that Jackie wasn't slandered at all when I called her a bitch. That alone is worth the price of addmission.

Thanks Shawn. There'll be a nice sculpture in it for you when this is all over. Forget about the coffee...I'm particular about who I'm seen with.

-- panch
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