Republicans Are Stupid

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Monday, May 20, 2002 at 8:24AM :

Look at them almost daily report of pending attacks and disasters and the scary thing is that they can pull them off too. It is no great shakes to lead these people to committ any number of things. Oh the things we don't know about.

But you got to hand it to the schools. They manage to turn out thousands of kids each year who have no idea of history or their place in it...who can't find Istanbul or Dallas on a map of the Ukraine...and who couldn't place the Ukraine within five hundred miles of Portland. Such is the truly great achievement that makes this kind of a Democracy possible.

No wonder they have to drug the poor wonder the kids drug wonder the teachers drug themselves, and the parents do it too. How else do you confront the kind of bleak and shallow future held out as an "enviable prize" to kids who have nothing of what it takes to appreciate Life and humanity with?

Get a job, a good one, and go down to the Mall...or shop online and never leave your home. Who in their right mind would envy this? Take away the booze, the mind fucking TV, drugs, pills and injections...and watch us all go at each other's throats.

-- panch
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