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Posted by panch from host-148-244-221-7.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Thursday, May 23, 2002 at 10:55AM :

To answer your question, yes, Muslims are at war with the non-Muslim world. Why should this surprise you? If you are cognizant of Islam and its teachings, this should not come as a surprise at all.

Islam divides the world into two zones: dar-al-islam (zone of Islam) and dar-al-harb (zone of war), and it teaches that the Muslims must make war (Jihad) on all non-Muslims until they are Islamized or subjugated or killed. Anyone can read this. I suggest you go read it for yourself.

=====He poses as an intellectual when those are just pimples. He tells you about scholarship then refuses to allow an open discussion on subjects that rub his prejudices the wrong way. The idea that Islam has been at war with anyone in the last 500 years in anywhere near the proportion that Christianity has is ludicrous...he never heard of the the Two World wars, Korea or Vietnam...not to mention the countless Christians killed in South America by more US thugs in residence.

Bosnia??? Croatia??? Hell the Catholics of France killed ten thousand Protestant men, women and babies in one 24 hour period and commeorated the event by ringing bells from Rome to Tmbuktu.

Peter has it in for Muslims. Thank Allah he changed his name.

-- panch
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