Saddam: All American

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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, May 23, 2002 at 11:18AM :

For as far back as 100 years the United States has been propping up petty and awful tyrants in countries they have an interest in. Whether to allow them to base their military there or steal their lumber or minerals or bananas...anything and everything that would help American businessmen enrich themselves...and they enrich themselves most by getting the rest of us not only to buy whatever they get at "discount" but by making us dependent for our "envious" lifestyle on those stolen goods...taken from, made by and suuported on the backs and sweat and labor of countless Third World Darkies...just like us.

When you come here and become an American, you become a new breed of Human who sees the rest of the world as either his vacation spot, or source of raw materials and labor. You skim off the best from each country and leave the rest of them impoverished and tyrannized by some puppet you prop up. Any modersate forces within the country are regularly gotten rid of in a variety of clever ways and what remains becomes so degraded in time that it is no great feat to convince these new Americans, many of whom just came from those same countries themselves, of how backward and depraved those people almost you would be doing them a favor by wiping them out and putting to better use the resources the deity gave them by mistake...things they have proven themselves to be unworthy of.

The fact that those same depraved and impoverished countries were the source at one time of all the institutions and culture and science you now enjoy, at a time when the West was eating its children raw for breakfast...escapes everyone because education and media are merely extensions of the same machine that turns out the kind of dummies who not only vote for a Bush , but elevate him far above them.

It will be a constant source of shame that we ever let this Putz rule over us. Saddam and Ossama are a part of the equation, an indispensible part...they are what brings America together in fear and keeps them mired in paranoia in hopes weŽll be too afraid to lift the shabby cover and see the rot beneath.

Our own happy to be a part of this deception in hopes of finally getting something for nothing...are convinced that by showing the government of America just HOW stupid they are will impress it somehow...that if we just swallow every whopper they cook up about Islam and jihad and Allah, even to turning on our own people and homeland...theyŽll somehow respect us and find us finally worthy of their attention.

Just how dumb can you be? DonŽt ask.

-- panch
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