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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, May 23, 2002 at 11:54AM :

In Reply to: Re: Clarification posted by Jeff from ( on Thursday, May 23, 2002 at 11:05AM :

: Oh behave!! All of this sarcasm is liable (no libel) to hurt someone's feelings. Be nice.

=====Oh Yeah?? What´s so nice about suing a guy who never did you any harm, sending a notice to the police about my mother...finding a lawyer with the scant morals it takes to take money to do it when he knows damn well he will just put her International Shoe in her big mouth for her? He´s going to walk away a lot richer and she´s going to be left with a public relations debacle.

I would be a better friend to her than that...and for free too. I would have said to her that she did not seem to want to install the Shumirum with me around...that I didn´t feel like turning the monument over to her any more than I did to Nimrod, or than I would to Golani...that there were no hard feelings and could I just show the other sculptures like we had agreed and in hopes that I could make a few sales so my family could eat, and maybe pick up some donors for the Hammurabi so that could go forward. That´s all.

There was no need to drive everyone against a wall and others into the ground. She is reaping the whirlwind now. They are meeting at her club round the clock and this matter is taking up their time and their resources are also at risk.


And now comes this lawyer fellow who latches onto her and she´s so pissed and so stoked by the visions he plants in her head of how she can skewer me and anyone who knows me that she loses what few wits she had and writes check after check and only sinks deeper and deeper...while he gets richer and richer...and in the end she´ll have nothing positive at all to show for her pains...just the scorn of people too afraid to come out and say it because they´ve seen clearly just what she does to people if they cross her ever so slightly.

I can see being angry with me...but you?

Is this what you do to a guy you never met, but said your home was his...called him ¨sweetheart¨and ¨darling Hope"...and sent him "hugs and kisses" and more? Is that any way to talk to an 18 year old man you´ve never been introduced to? I can tell you what kind of full body hugs she´d a given him too.

And after all those terms of endearment and gushing turn around and sue him for two million dollars...and tell him you didn´t mean any harm just wanted to get his attention...and you´d forget the whole thing, drop it all, if he would just distance himself from Fred Parhad?

Are we in grammar school or a full blown State Institution for the Criminally Self-Important?

-- panch
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