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Posted by Julia from ( on Friday, May 24, 2002 at 5:06PM :

In Reply to: Re: Julia posted by Stella from ? ( on Friday, May 24, 2002 at 1:12PM :

(stella) You know, when you throw in something like salvation only through Christ, that creates inequality for the reasons in my previous post.
>>> You must be a bit more careful in your words. When I become a Christian and others aren't, I believe GOd sees me differently
(but not 'worse' or 'better') than others who haven't accepted Jesus as their savior. Additionally, if I consider myself a christian there is no reason for me to consider myself greater than others, neither should i see others less than me. I think you've picked this up from observation. However, correlation is not causation. If you've seen a bunch of Christians act holier than thou towards non christians, criticize not their absolute faith in god but how they treat others (especially since they were commanded to love everyone just like Christ in heaven loved you....). Again, plenty of Muslims believe that the only way to heaven is by doing the will of Allah. They don't believe that this is one of many ways, but the only way to worship God. But that doesn't mean all of them see the world as Mr. Bet Basso is trying to make us believe.

My bottom line: people can have absolute beliefs in god. People can want to share those beliefs with other people because they believe in their hearts it is true. However, neither the bible nor the Qu'ran mandates that one is hateful, prejudicial or biased towards those who are not of their faith. At least that is my understanding of islam and christanity, generally speaking.

-- Julia
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