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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, May 25, 2002 at 11:52AM :

In Reply to: Re: I agree posted by Stella from ? ( on Thursday, May 23, 2002 at 7:08PM :

: You're mixing the teachings of Jesus with church doctrine.

+++++Thatīs what the church does...not me. I donīt his teachings any more than you do. They were words put into his mouth years later...if itīs on the level of myth and legend...fine...but just what is his teaching supposed to be...and why should it get a ĻpassĻĻ.

When you take a closer look at the two, it becomes obvious that the two are not parallel! I was saying that exact thing in my "you know what the problem is " post. The common perception of Christianity needs to be looked at again Their current perception has been causing deaths and conflict to a huge number of people in history and in the present.

Ą++++++Had it not been for one of the greatest death dealing machines in history...the Roman Empire and itīs "adoption" of Christianity...there would BE no Christianity for you to love or agonize over. There have been countless wise and gentle and inspired people, many far more so than a carpenterīs son. It was the utility of Christianity for social control and the "conquest" of souls by twisting childrenīs minds and psycheīs that you even have this stuff to debate. Without that boost, the tepid and milquetoast teachings of Jesus would have faded from history as they were well on their way to doing. It wasnīt the heretics and true believrs that saved the was the might, the murder and the brutality of the Roman Empire that did.

: Using your analogy, take a look at it another way: the teachings of Jesus is the vehicle, the driver is the believer.

++++++The best driver in the world, if he mounts a televison set...will not get far down the road. The "vehicle" in this anaology is good for getting you killed or run over...two things an Empire would love to have you "feel".

Let's say this particular driver is driving drunk. He's going to be zigzaging down the path causing the deaths and destruction of anything in its way.

+++++He isnīt drunk at all...knows exactly what he is doing. If you follow the true teachings of Jesus you will get crucified...he promised it as your ultimate reward...after which you get life everlasting as an everlovin fool. If you USE the teachings of build the kind of corporate empire the Church has built, with the free fresh rosy bootoms you want on top of it...or under you. BOTH versions...either get screwed or screw...not much of a religion.

: Let's say in another situation you have a sober driver. He's going to be driving the car smoothly and maybe even pick up a few other people on the way.

++++The sober driver would NOT take such a poor vehicle out of the garage and he sure as hell wouldnīt find a sober person to join him...

: Alcohol clouds a person's perception much like most doctrines and dogmas do.

++++The teachings of Jesus, which you still canīt explain in a coherent fashion, are useless, nice, but useless. There is a better way to be kind and decent and fair and loving people, even your "enemies". But it begins where Religion wont allow you to go...that is by setting an example to yourself first, and loving, and respecting and valuing yourself first. If you donīt understand that much about love...then you wont feel any for anyone else...if you are blind to what you have, you wont see anyone else.

I donīt believe in Human sacrifice.

-- pancho
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