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Posted by panch from ? ( on Sunday, May 26, 2002 at 4:48PM :

...and is impatient and pissed that no one gives him "specific" answers.

Here's a specific question you haven't been able to answer for over a year...though I have given you plenty of time and opportunity to do it...all the while you keep asking others for what you can't provide.

I find your behavior repellent...and to think you go around claiming to be an Assyrian, with not a shred of evidence to prove it...with a character that belies it with every dumb question you ask and word you utter...while all the time INSISTING a Chaldean can't be a Chaldean because he "knows" he is...while the only evidence we have that you are the Assyrian you think you are is the same "because I know I am"...is so, so, so UN-Assyrian in every proud and noble and logical way that I can understand why you can't produce the evidence we've been asking you for, and also why there is NO sign from anything you do or say or "might" write, to give any indication that you are Assyrian.

The question becomes rather...what you ARE that makes you wish to be something else entirely, and why you picked on us!

-- panch
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