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Posted by panch from ? ( on Sunday, May 26, 2002 at 7:00PM :

In Reply to: You, the old PUNCH-bag ? posted by andreas from ( on Sunday, May 26, 2002 at 6:41PM :

: Shlama,

: Oh no !

: Parhad, you are the "panch" ?

: Under the aristocratic cover of a Spanish allusion to a higher (than the American) culture - You, the old PUNCH-bag ?

+++And you are the same Kraut turd you always least you don't put on airs.

: And Jeff is Rosinante ? (Enjoy !)

++++It beats a beer stein in your germs arse any day.

: Well, I wouldn't have turned up here again in this cosy cave if it wasn't fun,

+++You didn't "turn up" were released.

but there are also serious issues to consider I'd like to engage you on.

+++Yeah I'll, "be right back...too busy now, gotta run but read War and Piss and I'll be right back."

+++Go engage someone's bad for your health.

: Could you or your drones on this forum perhaps and please, please help out with an Assyrian translation of Kucinich's speech?

++++It was no great shakes. Being descended from the union of a dwarf and an old shoe you would naturally be impressed. Run along.

: Or is it to risky to send him such a support?

++++You two were made for each other. Sweetened crap is still crap...Sugar.

: Any difficulties or risks involved ?

+++Wait till you see how long you stay "out" this time, then you tell us.

: Please comment.

: I don't want to be too romantic, but I try it American: "Go, Assyrians, go !" (Was this simplistic enough? OK?)

: Isn't this the style every American average nut speaks, understands and wants to hear ?
: If so, there is at least a certain statistical chance .... to get Hollywood Assyrians moved.

: Now, what could result from such courageous "panch" step?

: (This is the typical American $ 1,000 question - ' cause else nobody would turn his/her/its brain on at all)

: The answer:
: Very simple - Assyrians would RE-ORBIT into the reality and actuality of political developments ... and thus into the awareness of mankind.

: Hugs & punches

: beSheyna

: and

: YA SOU !
: andreas

: Greek exchange soldier
: to
: Nippur Nap Squat .. (sorry:) Squad
: via
: Sumerian Undergound Army

+++Nah. At this rate you wont last long.

-- panch
-- signature .

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