What AINA Really Is...

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Sunday, May 26, 2002 at 7:06PM :

...it's a front for a gaggle of geese who think they are promoting "the cause" by hopping aboard the American bandwagon, even adopting "terrorism" now as a buzz word...you know, if they just kiss hard enough and long enough they'll get a prize they wont much enjoy for the amount of shit they've swallowed...but tell them that. This bit is "news" from them to all of us stupid enough to believe it. That's why they wont allow any discussion of simple reality like the existence of Muslim Assyrians and why Peter waxes wroth at the mention of A-rabs. Gosh...he makes me shake so. I only took down part of it...go read the rest if you need to...

AINA - Increasingly, reports from northern Iraq have revealed a dangerously escalating degree of Islamist militancy and fundamentalism in Iraq in general and especially within the portion of northern Iraq currently occupied by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). Not surprisingly, Islamic militancy in the UN "Safe Haven" has been particularly detrimental to the indigenous Assyrian Christian population in the area.

An ever growing number of Islamic fundamentalist and other terrorist organizations operate freely in the KDP occupied region of northern Iraq, often with direct support from the KDP strongman, Mr. Masoud Barzani. The most notorious Islamic fundamentalist organization with direct ties to the Barzani clan is the Kurdish Revolutionary Party of God (Hizballah al Thawry al Kurdi) headed by Sheikh Mohammed Khalid Barzani, the late Mulla Mustafa Barzani's first cousin. In fact, Sheikh Khalid happens to be ....

++++I quit here, you get the point.

-- panch
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